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every fortnight

Welcome to the Podcast! We have no false illusions that this podcast will be a top 100 rating podcast, but what we’d like to achieve is highlighting the strong technology talent local to Newcastle.

Each day we spend time in the local community drinking coffee with technology professionals. These people have interesting stories and have knowledge that we believe people may be able to benefit from – our podcast is here to share those stories.

Each fortnight, we will interview a local tech professional to find out about the projects they are working on, what drives them in their career, resources that they’ve found helpful leading to their success and their opinion on the state of the tech scene in Newcastle.

Newy Tech People focuses on building the community as well as unearthing all of the innovative projects happening in the local area.

In each episode you can learn something from experienced professionals working in the tech industry. Our guests provide a wealth of knowledge and resources you can find in the show notes of each episode below.