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NewyTechPeople exclusively recruits remote-first tech roles Australia-wide. Australian based companies, Australian based talent. We’re remote specialists. You may know us from RemoteTechJobs and the RemoteTechPodcast.

Client Reviews

“Ellen and Linda took the time to not only understand the role we were recruiting for but also the organisation and team culture to ensure the perfect fit. We were thrilled with the high level of service, responsiveness and speed of recruitment.”

-Clair, Employer

“Ellen and Linda took the time to not only understand the role we were recruiting for but also the organisation and team culture to ensure the perfect fit. We were thrilled with the high level of service, responsiveness and speed of recruitment.”

-Clair, Employer

Candidate Reviews

Got the first job I wanted

Professional and great to work with. Best recruiter I been through in the last 15 years.

– Marcus, Candidate

Very professional and informative.

The recruiter kept me informed throughout the entire process which was awesome. They were very friendly and helped me land a great job!

– Kerrod, Candidate

Always extremely helpful, talented, thoughtful, reassuring and delightful

Bronte was consistently making the right moves to get my foot in the door, as well as going above and beyond by giving empowering words and sage advice. I am in love with my new position and I am certain that I couldn’t have gotten this far without a gifted scout and negotiator such as her in my corner.

– Connor, Candidate
5.0 / 5.5

Tech Jobs

In demand: mid, senior, and principal software engineers skilled in full stack JavaScript/TypeScript (React & Node or Angular), Kotlin, .NET, Java and Python.

Tech Recruitment

We’re Australia’s only exclusive remote-first technology recruitment agency. We support our clients in attracting and retaining the best tech talent. Specialties: Software & Web Development, DevOps, Projects, Transformation, BI & Analytics, Architecture, Cloud, Security, IT Operations and IT Management.

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Yes we do. We specialise in working with companies that are remote-first.

“Remote-first” is a powerful organisational strategy that has the ability to revolutionise the modern working environment. In “remote-first”, employees are given the primary option of working remotely, allowing for a balance between comfort and an effective workflow.

This can be further accentuated by having hybrid working conditions in place; this would allow office space to still be available while having remote work as the primary option allows employees to have full control over their schedule, personal living space and level of comfort while they’re performing work duties.

“Remote-first” could be a driving force in building a highly productive, efficient and comfortable working culture that ensures everyone benefits both socially and professionally.

If you’re interested in breaking into the “remote-first” technology industry, start by identifying a sector of tech that interests you. Acquiring the right technical skills will give you an edge over other applicants, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and hone your abilities.

Soft skills such as communication and problem-solving are essential in a virtual space. Make sure you can comfortably navigate conversations, collaborate in a team environment and think critically.

If you’re interested in breaking into the “remote-first” technology industry, start by identifying a sector of tech that interests you. Acquiring the right technical skills will give you an edge over other applicants, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and hone your abilities.

Soft skills such as communication and problem-solving are essential in a virtual space. Make sure you can comfortably navigate conversations, collaborate in a team environment and think critically.

Software Engineers play a critical role in the success of businesses and organisations across all sectors. They are responsible for designing, creating and maintaining software applications, without which our entire technological infrastructure would collapse.

Software Engineers create systems to automate difficult processes or tasks, making them easier for non-technical staff.

Their work also increases efficiency and productivity gains, enabling organisations to maximise their competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Software Engineers are revolutionising how we interact with technology and data and by placing trust in them we are witnessing some of the most astounding successes to date.

We source candidates across all seniority levels across the software development and engineering field…

Software Developer & Engineer Jobs

✅ Graduate developers
✅ Backend Developers: Node.js / .NET / Java / Python, Golang
✅ Frontend Developers: React, AngularJS, TypeScript
✅ Full Stack Developer
✅ DevOps Engineer
✅ Mobile Developer
✅ Salesforce Developer
✅ WordPress Developer
✅ Software Engineering Manager
✅ Principal Engineer / Tech Lead

Without Software Engineers, our modern society as we know it would simply not function effectively – indeed, they hold the key to unlocking a better future.

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If your business deals with any type of hardware component, it is essential to have specialised mechatronic or embedded engineers on the team. These professionals apply their skills in computer programming, automation, and engineering to build, manage, and improve efficient systems.

As technology continues advancing at a rapid pace, mechatronics and embedded engineering are becoming indispensable fields in the remote-first market. From medical devices to cars, mechatronic engineers and embedded engineers can bring innovative solutions to any project.

Mechatronics & Embedded Engineering Jobs

We work with businesses from Start-ups to enterprises to hire and recruit across all seniority levels in roles including…

✅ Mechatronics Engineer (Junior)
✅ Mechatronics Engineer (Mid)
✅ Mechatronics Engineer (Senior)
✅ Embedded Engineer (Junior)
✅ Embedded Engineer (Mid)
✅ Embedded Engineer (Senior)

In order to take advantage of the most advanced technologies available, leverage the skills of mechatronic or embedded engineers for your business today. Read More about Mechatronics & Embedded Engineering

Quality assurance is essential for any business looking to maintain and improve its products and services. Quality assurance testing conducted by experienced, qualified test analysts and engineers ensures that problems are uncovered and fixed in time before they become a greater issue.

Quality assurance testing is especially crucial for certain industries such as healthcare, where the safety of consumers depends on high standards, so it is no surprise that all industries strive to implement Quality Assurance processes.

Quality assurance testing saves companies time, money, reputation and resources; from spotting potential errors in software or marketing campaigns before they affect clients to determining the root cause of any issues within an organisation. Quality assurance is indicative of strong internal controls – ensuring quality every step of the way is key for successful businesses.

Quality Assurance & Testing Jobs

We hire across all seniority levels in Quality Assurance and Testing, including:

✅ Quality Assurance Engineer
✅ Quality Assurance/Test Manager
✅ Test Analyst

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Did you know that a lot of digital marketing agencies in Australia have moved to a remote-first work environment? Whether it is hybrid or fully remote, talent and resources across Australia are needed to supply the demand for SEO, PPC, Social, and Design roles.

We source across this niche, from expert UX designers to shape the experience for users, to product managers that ensure all the pieces come together, to communicate with experts across Australia, to bring new clients in and any other specialities in between them.

Digital Marketing Jobs

We hire and recruit for the following marketing jobs:

✅ Digital Account Manager
✅ Digital Producer
✅ Visual Designer
✅ Digital Designer
✅ UI Designer
✅ UX Designer
✅ UX Architect
✅ Product Designer
✅ Social Media Manager
✅ Internal Communications
✅ Communications Advisor
✅ Communications Manager
✅ Marketing Coordinator
✅ Digital Marketing Specialist
✅ Marketing Manager
✅ Marketing Director
✅ Head of Marketing

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Architecture is a crucial component for businesses with significant technology investments who are looking to scale quickly and efficiently. It requires experts who can design and build systems that will allow businesses to manage their growth, expand capabilities, solve complex problems, and create reliable yet easy-to-use systems. In order to achieve these goals, it’s important to find the right Architecture talent or team that meets your business needs.

Architecture Jobs

We hire and recruit for the following architecture jobs:

✅ Application Architect
✅ Cloud Architect
✅ DevOps Architect
✅ Enterprise Architect
✅ Infrastructure Architect
✅ Solution Architect
✅ Solution Designer

RemoteTechPeople has years of experience in this field and can help guide you on your search, providing access to qualified Architecture candidates perfectly suited for the job. Don’t fall behind – trust us to help you find the personnel you need today.

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Data analytics and data science are quickly becoming an essential part of any business, regardless of industry or size. Data has proven to be the lifeblood of any successful organisation, from large corporations to small businesses.

Data scientists provide the insight and analysis that companies need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Data-driven insights are not only necessary for long-term strategies, but for making better day-to-day decisions as well.

In addition, given the current work environment around the world, many data scientists have been able to take their roles remotely, allowing businesses to easily access their skills and expertise.

Data Scientists and Data Analysts understand how to best work with this data, helping to increase efficiency and cut costs. Data analytics and data science are both here to stay, with businesses wisely investing in these professionals who are just as capable of providing quality insights from miles away.

With advancements in technology, Data Scientists no longer need to be onsite in order to provide invaluable analysis; they can now provide remote support worldwide. As organisations continue to understand the immense power that data analytics can offer, Data Scientists will become even more sought-after in the coming years.

Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning Jobs

We hire and recruit for the following Data Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning jobs:

✅ Database Administrator
✅ BI Developer/Analyst
✅ BI Lead/Manager
✅ Data Analyst
✅ Data Architect
✅ Data Engineer
✅ Data Modeller
✅ Data Scientist
✅ Data Warehouse Lead
✅ Head of Data
✅ Lead Data Scientist
✅ Machine Learning Engineer
✅ Engineering Manager – Machine Learning

In order for a business to stay competitive today, investing heavily in Data Science is essential.

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Cloud Operations professionals are an integral part of any organisation’s IT strategy. They ensure that cloud-based applications and services remain optimally performing, secure, and compliant with safety standards.

Cloud operations professionals are responsible for managing the underlying infrastructure that supports these essential applications.

Without this critical element of a successful IT strategy, organisations may face reduced productivity and decreased efficiency from their employees as workers contend with slow or insecure cloud-based environments.

Infrastructure and Cloud Operations Jobs

We hire and recruit for the following Infrastructure and Cloud Operations jobs:

✅ Desktop Support
✅ Infrastructure Lead
✅ L1 Support Analyst
✅ L2 Support Specialist
✅ Network Administrator
✅ Network Engineer
✅ Salesforce Administrator
✅ Service Desk Lead
✅ Systems Administrator
✅ Systems Engineer
✅ Platform Engineer
✅ Cloud Engineer
✅ DevOps Engineer
✅ Site Reliability Engineer
✅ Cloud Architect

Cloud operations professionals play a key role in maintaining the necessary performance, security, and compliance of cloud-based systems so that businesses can continue to thrive in today’s digital world.

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Cybersecurity professionals are indispensable when it comes to the IT strategy of any business.

They not only monitor and manage the performance of cloud-based applications but also ensure the security, compliance and reliability of corporate infrastructures that support mission-critical applications and services. Cyber security implies a multifaceted approach – including policies and procedures governing system access, technical measures to prevent unauthorised access or malicious activities and response mechanisms in case of emergencies.

Cyber Security Jobs

We hire and recruit for the following Cyber Security jobs:

✅ Cyber Security Architect
✅ Cyber Security Engineer
✅ Cyber Security Analyst
✅ Cyber Security Manager

Companies cannot let their infrastructure remain vulnerable; if they want to remain competitive, they must put suitable effort into safety protocols and regular cybersecurity audits facilitated by experts in this area.

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Project Management and Change Management is a crucial part of the business in the digital age. Project Managers and Change Managers are becoming essential for businesses relying on remote teams, as their roles ensure projects are completed successfully.

Technology has revolutionised the way business is conducted, and Project Managers and Change Managers provide an invaluable service to these companies, allowing them to achieve their objectives with consistency and reliability.

Project Manager’s and Change Managers’ expertise also provides an effective planning strategy beyond just technology capabilities, leading to better long-term results that can sustain over time.

If businesses want to remain competitive in this technological landscape, Project Managers and Change Managers offer a valuable solution that cannot be overlooked.

Project Management and Change Jobs
We hire and recruit for the following Project Management and Change jobs:

✅ Agile Coach
✅ Business Analyst
✅ Business Improvement Manager
✅ Change Analyst
✅ Change Manager
✅ Delivery Lead/Manager
✅ Head of PMO
✅ IT Project Coordinator
✅ Master Scheduler
✅ Portfolio Manager
✅ Program Manager
✅ Project Administrator
✅ Project Manager
✅ Senior Project Manager
✅ Senior/Lead Business Analyst
✅ Systems Analyst
✅ Technical Business Analyst
✅ Technical Trainer
✅ Technical Writer

Read More about Projects & Change

Senior leaders in tech play an integral role in creating a successful working environment. By setting the right example and encouraging collaboration and open dialogue, they ensure that team members view each other as trusted partners who can work together effectively to realise a common goal.

Senior leaders must also possess the necessary skills and qualifications to hold their positions so that their competencies can be utilised for maximum benefit. Senior leadership teams of any organisation should positively drive progress with their knowledge and decision-making abilities which make them invaluable for ensuring that all team members are properly motivated and working efficiently towards the desired goals.

Senior Leadership Jobs In Tech

We hire technical senior leaders into roles including:

✅ Chief Information Officer CIO
✅ Chief Technology Officer CTO
✅ Chief Digital Officer CDO
✅ Chief Information Security Officer CISO
✅ Chief Operating Officer (Tech)
✅ General Manager IT
✅ IT Operations Manager
✅ Service Delivery Manager
✅ IT Manager

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