Attract Top Talent

With a combined 18 years recruiting across technology, and our advocacy of the local tech community, we can help you attract top talent to your organisation. Traditional recruitment methods via job boards, only access talent that are visiting these websites at that specific time. We talk with professionals in this market day in, day out, we know the people with the experience and what will motivate them to consider joining another company.

Find the right fit

We know our client’s businesses and the types of people who will perform in their environment. It’s the depth of these relationships, that help us find the perfect fit for our candidate’s AND client’s. Knowing our client’s business, we are able to confidently represent and market the benefits & culture of an organisation to potential talent.

We Build relationships

We work with local companies and provide a greater level of service. We shine a spotlight on the local Newcastle market, the amazing companies and talent in this region, through our podcasts and sponsorship of local meet-ups. It is these strong relationships with our clients and candidates that will lead to continued success.

Specialists in the local market

We’re not a global 'brand’ trying to be everything to everyone. We work in a specific niche, in a specific location.

Three recruiters - genuine specialisation, across Software & Web Development, DevOps, Projects, Change & Transformation, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Architecture, Cloud, Security, IT Operations and Senior IT Management.