The Tech Jobs Update: September 2023

Hear from our very own Kyle Chapman, Senior Technical Recruiter at NTP, about the latest technology recruitment trends in our monthly jobs update. These findings include everything you need to know about the current state of tech recruitment, from how many roles are being posted to most in-demand roles and recruiting into teams.

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Kyle Chapman
Hi there. This is Kyle from NewyTechPeople with September’s Newcastle Technology Updates video. In September, there are 112 jobs posted versus 116 in August. This is only a slight decrease of 3.4 or 5%. The job market typically quieten down as we head into the later months of the year, so expect these numbers to drop even further next month.

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Kyle Chapman
So in September last year there are 143 jobs posted, so job numbers are down 21.7% on this time last year. We have taken a look at the types of organizations that advertising over the month of September, 73% were advertised by private businesses, 22 and a half per cent by advertise by government. 5.5% were advertised by not for profits.

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Kyle Chapman
This is a new data point for us, so we’ll continue to monitor over the next coming months and see how things change. There’s still a fair chunk of contract work available, with 19% of the roles being advertised as contract or temporary, while 81% will advertise as permanent full time. One of the most notable takeaways from September’s data is the shift away from remote work hybrid jobs still made up the majority of the postings at 67%, while office on site based roles made up 23% remote jobs made up just 10% of September’s postings.

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Kyle Chapman
Even in that 10%, some of the jobs list of a remote first meaning that offers days where expected from time to time. As we shift away from remote roles as a candidate, you should consider putting your city or suburb only surveyed to make it easier for the hiring manager to distinguish where you are and if you’d be suited to the role.

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Kyle Chapman
In other news, the 100 Innovation Festival is happening on the 19th of October. The Newcastle City Hall. We will have a booth there where we’ll be filming a mini series of attendees taking a live poll of business challenges and running a merch comp. So make sure you pop by and say hello. Slash new has been locked in for 2024 with speaker and sponsorship applications available Head to slash new dot tech to find out more.

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Kyle Chapman
This is being called the September update. Thanks for tuning in and see you next month.

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