The Tech Jobs Update: August 2023

Hear from our very own Kyle Chapman, Senior Technical Recruiter at NTP, about the latest technology recruitment trends in our monthly jobs update. These findings include everything you need to know about the current state of tech recruitment, from how many roles are being posted to most in-demand roles and recruiting into teams.

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Hi there. This is Kyle from NewyTechPeople with the Newcastle job updates video. In this videos we will cover data from LinkedIn and Seek. Just compare the jobs from last year and the month on month, the year on year comparisons. And we will also look at what is happening in the local Newcastle tech market. So in August there were 116 jobs posted compared to 131 in July.

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This is an 11% decrease month on month in August last year. There are 155 jobs posted, so job postings are down 25% year on year. So job ads have picked up since the start of the year. However, nowhere near last year’s job postings. Given the turnover in the technology market over the past two years, candidates are now more hesitant in moving because there’s less big salary increases on offer.

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In a similar vein, the decrease in job volume has meant candidates are staying in their current roles. When we look at the demographics of the Newcastle technology market, there are 3124 tech professionals in the area, with 72% identifying as men and 28% identifying as women. 436 people have changed jobs over the past year, which is 14% of the workforce.

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As a comparison, New South Wales has 175,000 tech professionals where 24 and a half thousand people have changed jobs in the past year, which equates to about 14% as well, these numbers would be significantly down since last year. According to LinkedIn the top three skills in the area are software engineering, business analysis and technical support. The fastest growing skills in the area over the past year have been cybersecurity.

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Git and analytical skills. In other news, the NewyTechPeople Salary Guide has now been released. It covers the areas from Sydney, Wollongong and of course Newcastle. This salary guide is filled with more juicy data and salary tables. In community news here are the upcoming September events. The Newcastle Coders group meetup on Wednesday the six at MudBath, the Women and Gender Diverse People in Tech happening in our office on the 14th Hunter Data Analytics happening of the 21st September at the Q Building, also happening in the Q Building is the Newcastle Cyber Security on the 27th.

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Thanks for watching. Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to hire, feel free to reach out to myself or the team. Expect these job updates monthly and yeah see you next month.

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