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Episode #55: Interview with Pru Killick

11 Nov, 2020 | 38 mins 56 secs

In our latest episode of the NewyTechPeople podcast, Linda Apostolidis chats with Pru Killck, Head of People and Culture at Pegasus – a local Newcastle success story.  Pru shares their plans around Pegasus’s growth, recent investment from Silicon Valley, their partnership with AKKR and their intentions to create further jobs in the local Newcastle market.

Pru also talks about their investment in graduate programs, engagement with the University of Newcastle and Fast-track HSC program giving more young people a head start in their careers.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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hi there welcome to the new tech people podcast today is a very exciting day as i’m interviewing my first guest and it makes perfect sense to me to invite on the podcast one of my very first clients in technology i’ve worked with this lady for nearly nine years helping her with the attraction and retention of talent in the newcastle market so while james will continue to focus on interviewing tech talent on the new tech people podcast i wanted to bring sort of more diversity so if you think about sort of technology being the engine or the solution that a company provides there’s lots of other people that make up that business that help that sort of engine run so i’m really pleased to invite my first guest on the podcast someone i’ve known for about nine years and worked for and i’ve watched her career grow as her company grew so i’d like to welcome pruekilik head of people and culture at pegasus

thank you welcome thank you so um for those people that don’t know you can give us a brief overview of who you are your career to date and how your career has progressed with pegasus yeah definitely so in 2004 i started in recruitment i worked in the hunter valley and through sydney we had a federal funding grant which basically helped us assist as a private agency helped assist youth come through and find education and then find apprenticeships and traineeships so we worked across multiple sectors across all industry types big small medium-sized businesses and helped with that engagement so that was really exciting that led me into uh indigenous uh agency work i never knew that about you yeah yeah yeah so i in sydney i was our indigenous consultant and worked with the aboriginal employment strategy and local youth at risk venues to be able to identify passions looked at how we could link that to education and then how we could link that into employment which was a really successful program and it was a really i loved i loved that work i came back to the hunter uh when my husband and i started a family and uh i was actually on maternity leave when the role at pegasus came up and i was like ah let’s go and apply for the role because i wanted to bring all of that commercial understanding all of that ability to start initiatives and strategies with with clients i wanted to be able to do that for an internal business and see those things all the way through to the end so i definitely saw the opportunity with pegasus i came into the hr side i then um took over the the management of our rto and then for two years i helped run our operation side of the business our inbound call center and yeah because pegasus wasn’t purely a technology company back then no that’s right so originally when i started we were mostly employ labour hire services and that was a huge part of our business we had surveillance drafting and then obviously our technology as well in on-site it was definitely something that adam and phil the owners saw the potential of the product and what it could do and the amount of industries that this product could go across into so i came in at right at the start of that evolution which was amazing it gave us huge huge opportunities and yeah we just saw the product go from strength to strength we’ve sold off the labor high division and sold off the other parts of the business just to be the sole aspect of software and who was the first who was one of the questions one of the people that first started writing that product phil charlie who is still a developer with us today isn’t that amazing yes yes yeah absolutely and it was it was just one problem for one client you know the problem for the client was they needed to track their contractors at site and they said can you guys do it and in true pegasus fashion we can do anything let’s say yes and figure it out so we did exactly that uh and it was yeah uh obviously understanding what the compliance needs were uh what the workforce trends were all of those things to help the client manage that better so that that workforce management solution just continued to grow because lots of clients i remember a lot of them a lot of large companies were managing that through excel spreadsheets which absolutely opened those companies up to huge risk yeah definitely and i think it’s it’s the the amount of time and effort that takes to try and control that the beauty of the system with us is that you can centralize all of that information for the client but also standardize all of those protocols to get to site so someone like a yankol or a busy or a lend lease can mandate from the very top level what their needs are for compliance and what their workforce needs are and then site can have differences which is fine but it all meets that overall objective and the system manages all of that including access control and all sorts of things fantastic so and when you think about obviously i’ve seen the evolution of pegasus over the last nine years i’ve been working with you guys and have placed a lot of those developers in your software team particularly so i’ve seen you grow quite steadily over that period and attract some really big clients and and sort of start moving into other markets across the world so can you tell us a bit about that yeah definitely yeah so again so as the product obviously was continuing to develop and we moved into more sectors that had a few differences and we needed to evolve the product obviously the talent that comes with that to enable that to happen uh was exciting so from being able to do it really well locally obviously across australia we’ve been able to have really strong inroads into other countries you know we’ve got new zealand um pumping along now with lion who’s he’s just come on yes it’s very exciting everyone wants that gig everyone wants to go to the guys in the office are really proud of that client yeah everyone’s like i’ll go i’ll go to the brewery company uh but it’s it’s enabling that um again to show the power of the product and how it is able to do this no matter where you are in the world you’re able to bring these same standard practices into any workforce anywhere and that’s helped with those links in the uk and the us more and more so yeah we’ve got a big uh trajectory so we’re excited so some really exciting news for newcastle and pegasus um pegasus is probably the biggest one of the biggest product companies in newcastle and you’ve been fortunate enough to secure investment from silicon valley can you tell us a bit more about that and sort of pegasus plans i know you want to try and keep as many people local to newcastle as you can and build you know help build the technology community here so can you talk a bit about that yeah so through the connections of our chairman of our board craig jones uh he worked with adam extensively across the globe and made many connections through those connections we were able to be introduced to akkr who are a private equity investment firm the really unique thing about that group is that they invest only in tech companies so their whole portfolio is made up of tech innovators in niche areas that are specialists in those zones the other part i think that’s been really encouraging is that connection of our values you can really understand what they’re trying to achieve as an equity firm and what they’re trying to give back to those that invest and that really aligns with us it’s that quality and integrity and you know that delivery and that sense of community that really connects um and it’s been fantastic so it’ll be at the end of this year it’ll mark one year of investment for us wow yeah it’s gone really quick especially in this this sort of environment of cobiad and all of that writing this year off exactly it’s um so it’s been really great we’ve been able to really network with their contacts and and they’ve been able to support us and and give us inroads to connections in whatever area we’re working whether you’re in the sales team hr myself i’m part of the hr forum and we have bi-monthly meetings where all the hr leaders get on to a webinar and they have different topics and um you share information so when kovid was was first happening for the whole world i think that was the that was the thing everyone was like this is happening to everyone and everyone was trying to react in the best way they could so being able to be part of that community where other hr leaders were saying this is what we’ve done have you guys done anything else this is some templates this is what we’re doing uh can you give us suggestions and it was this this amazing community of information that everyone was able to leverage for for the better for the better of the year that’s fantastic and it sounds like that was perfect timing for you to be able to have those connections and amazing and support as well and you know completely understand the values driven thing in terms of you know having partnerships that share the same values it just makes business so much more pleasurable and enjoyable yeah absolutely absolutely and i think it’s been exciting because it’s given us the opportunity to uh we did our first m a with compliance fox which was really really exciting it was amazing the um the team that have come over from compliance fox are just engaged and excited and motivated uh the platform is great it it meshes in with our platform amazingly it offers a whole new suite of services and it really enables that that piece to grow for us as well so it’s it’s those advantages and and the investment has allowed us to be able to look at how we can be more strategic in those aspects and and offer those those solutions so compliance fox b sort of um targeting a different market so you know pegasus has got very very large enterprise blue chip client base is compliance fox going to be targeting a smaller size business or what’s the strategy around yes yeah so their their uh offering is really suitable for the contractor base so although we have enterprise the enterprise end of the market i guess with clients and being able to work with the client down this compliance fox allows the contractor to manage their own group as well rather than purchasing the big the bigger on-site product they can go through workforce which is an abridged version allows them the same sort of capacity and they can manage any documents they need to and then link the ones they need for pegasus they can link through to us uh but it enables the contractor to have more control over whatever they’ve got to manage whatever their workflow structure looks like for them they can manage that at that level excellent good it’s very exciting so um very exciting for pegasus i’m really excited for you guys and so obviously really exciting for newcastle as well and it’d be great to then i guess give the audience a bit of insight into the culture at pegasus and what it’s like to work there yeah for sure we always seem to attract like-minded people in the sense that everyone’s very driven we all have very varied skills um but we all have passion for our own vocation so it doesn’t matter if you’re in tech you’re in marketing you’re in sales you’re in account management you’re in the call center customer success hr we all have our own passions and we all have our own drivers to help deliver our business strategy yeah and it’s that respect we have for each other knowing that we all come from different objectives however we’ve got the one objective obviously as part of that business strategy so it’s you know egos don’t last long it’s uh we celebrate the wins we support each other through the bad you know decisions potentially um or the mistakes that have you know that pop up from time to time uh but we have a good sense of humor about it as well so you know we even have an award and annual award uh which celebrates the biggest stuff up for the 12 months i love it it always brings it back to the humor of the humor of the situation yeah you better laugh and move on exactly you know i think otherwise you stay in that place where you feel like you failed then you’re not not learning yeah and it’s you know it’s it’s that fail fast mentality of let’s get in let’s understand it let’s you know reiterate these things and and not just have a massive failure at an end point but being able to go okay let’s adjust let’s adjust and keep it moving so everyone understands that in the business and we all understand you know how we need to move and pivot at times but at the end of the day we understand what the overall objective is and everyone can contribute to that outcome exactly so that’s not just that’s not the technical guys that you know obviously tech is the engine or the solution that you provide to your customers but there’s so many other business functions that actually enable that to happen and you know your area of hr and talent is really critical because for businesses to have a competitive advantage you need to be able to attract and retain the best talent so i guess that was one of my next questions around sort of you know what initiatives are you looking at to firstly attract and retain but also sort of engage talent through the recruitment and onboarding process yeah so we’ve been fortunate to connect with the newcastle university and be able to work on some really significant projects for us around artificial intelligence so that will see a group of our tech team and a group of the universities tech team work together on some of those initiatives that you know working on something that’s exciting that’s you know pioneering uh all of those types of things help retain obviously our amazing talent that we have at pegasus uh but there’s other things where we we know we have to contribute to the local community when it comes to talent engagement from a very young age as well so we engage with mgt for cert three ict traineeships so we’ve got five trainees at the moment so excellent yeah it’s it’s one of those i think there’s a stigma still around that as well when it comes to um trainees in the workplace and and although we can have a good balance of graduates coming out of university you know three of them had three of the trainees had completed semesters of university and and were missing that hands-on component that really that they’re passionate about and traineeships can give you yeah yeah so we were able to bring them in they’ve been on the job uh and working through on the job with us which has been fantastic and they’re really thriving in the environment they’ve got the technical know-how they understand the customer component of what a software as a service platform needs to produce and needs to provide so that’s been really really beneficial so we’ll definitely continue with that program that’s excellent and yeah that’s quite a large number of trainees for a company your size yeah so that’s a great effort it’s really important to us i think you know we have to contribute to both ends of the talent spectrum you can’t just all have you can’t hog all the good stuff right at the top you’ve got to be able to bring people along on that journey and engage um and and build up through you know and we’re unique i think in the we own and develop our own software we have everything in-house from sales through to marketing through to bi ba qa all all of the components that makes the software cycle so uh and and the sales to service cycle so there’s opportunities when you come in and start with us to really go i i get what you do here and i like what that person does and i’d like to do more of what they do so with our traineeships we do tours of duty and and they get pockets of time in different teams to understand what it is that those tech pockets are yeah and then decide if that’s what they like if they don’t like it we’re not offended like it’s okay yeah and i think it’s it’s good for them to have a holistic view of a company and its operations as well it’s really stands them in good stead when they’re you know applying for a future yeah position yeah definitely another program that we’re engaged in is the hsc smart track and that program has been uh enabling there’s a new process i guess for the hsc smart track students which is what would have been considered maybe the old work experience and tafe day yeah they’ve remodeled it a little bit more and it enables an employer to have a student for longer periods of time throughout the week rather than maybe a block period or one day a week and you’re getting students that have really thought and committed to their vocational training so we have a young guy called jordan who’s studying aviation and he’s coming to our tech support team and is helping with hardware and yeah all sorts of things so this is in year 11 that they start yes year 11 and 12. they it’s an alternative uh i guess end for the hsc that’s fantastic yeah and then we’ve got two young students from the media and production team that are coming in to do a little bit of a bio on jordan and a bio on pegasus and use that as support material for the hsc smart track program moving forward that the school can use and we can help promote yeah but they’re they’re so enthusiastic they’re so engaged and it’s they really want to you know have that opportunity the beauty of the subjects i guess that are being offered is there’s lots of you know not just pegasus there’s lots of recruiters there’s lots of employment opportunities in newcastle and i think if if businesses leaned into it a little bit more and could see that supporting this these types of programs early can really help with that long-term you know talent pipeline and understand you know let’s give these students a really great experience in these vocations so that they’re passionate and they’re engaged and they want to can keep contributing locally and and in the local market yeah fantastic that’s a great initiative so pegasus has always had fairly good retention especially i guess what i know of in the technology team there’s people that i’ve placed in that team probably eight years ago that’s still there so tell me about some of the initiatives that you’re working on to sort of foster that sort of engagement and retention throughout the employment life cycle yeah definitely there’s a whole range of activities that that happen because of our pace of our product and our uh definitely the new features and the new aspects of the product keep the we keep current tech and the innovation projects are really exciting so yeah our developers really enjoy that engagement piece of where is the product going and what can they do to support that but also what uh how can it be better so being able to bring an offering to say well if it worked this way or if we kept it in this sequence then this is the benefits that can come out from the other side so that’s been really exciting uh we have a very strong relationship with our clients so they actually come in and they can see through uat testing the devs can be in the room and actually see the reaction and the engagement from a client that it solves a real life problem for them they solve something critical to their business and the benefits are immense so being able to have that engagement and for them to see what the product actually does in the real world i think that’s really beneficial as well and keeps that inspiration high and being able to look at new markets in international markets and and the differences that those and the different challenges that’s going to bring has also kept that engagement really high which is exciting yeah fantastic i know that’s definitely helped me talk about those things when i’ve helped you recruit in the past in terms of the growth and you know the new tech that the the guys are getting to experiment with and play with and new markets that you’re going into it certainly makes it more attractive to new talent coming in into the organization as well yeah for sure you mentioned sort of you touched on a bit of innovation days and you potentially hackathons that maybe yeah so we’re guys involved in in the future definitely so we’re looking at this year was kind of about the aim was this year it kind of went skewiff as most things did this in 2020 uh but it’s definitely something we’re looking at for 2021 so being either engaging with a group that are looking to to have that offering and potentially linking as mentors or or engaged that way but also looking at how we could uh potentially get a real-life problem with a group that we’re passionate about and understand you know how we can connect and and be able to solve a problem through a tech solution uh yeah with a hackathon and get students involved and yeah that sounds like yeah so it’s in the planning works yeah fantastic i think um there’s been a few done in this region but obviously covert has stopped a lot of that activity yeah but i know there’s there’s a few people that are wanting to put together some new tech events in newcastle so yeah hopefully 2021 will be with any luck so in terms of um you know obviously you sort of having a career in technology and you know sort of building uh building um pegasus in the mar in the local market what advice would you give to students wanting to start a career in technology what do you like to see yeah when you meet these young grads what kind of attributes and you know sort of personality traits are you looking for yeah i think for us it’s it’s always it’s always attitude over aptitude i’m sure everyone says that uh but it’s that that that fit of that continued wanting to learn that ability to understand that one solution isn’t going to fit all and there needs to be multiple people involved and how do you collaborate so those collaboration skills are really important and being able to to hear others and acknowledge others is definitely part of it uh but it’s it’s that ability to to keep moving against those objectives so i think it’s just a flair and a passion for their for their field and what they want to do and being able to understand that they contribute to a bigger solution and they contribute to a bigger strategy so it’s that ability to listen and be heard and understand what you can contribute and and keep keep momentum on on certain projects and objectives and uh that that shines through with with a lot of people and good and i think i think it’s important to see that you’re choosing people based on different education pathways because it’s not just universities the be all and end all anymore like it was you know certainly when i started recruiting in technology software engineers had to have a university degree and i know that that’s the preferred but there are also a lot of talented software engineers and i take people that have chosen tafe pathways or other higher learning voices so that’s really really good that that passion for continued learning that ability to go i’m never going to be done because the minute you’re done you’re obsolete yes and it’s i think you know you certainly don’t need to be changing careers every two years to stay current but it’s that um i guess pride and personal accountability in your own learning and you know trying new technologies and new ways of working that you know we’ll see those people employed yeah always yeah absolutely and even if they start out in a particular area and they discover through working that they actually have a stronger trait towards something else they have a stronger interest in something else being able to continue to learn towards that as well and and the the opportunities for career pathways and they can say i okay i want to talk to ask grandmaster brooke and i want to understand how she moved from our safety manager through to into this role so you know being able to understand what those tracks look like and and what were the education milestones that helped achieve that because anyone can move anywhere um but they have to have the the guts to do they have to have the initiative right it’s um you can’t you can’t do everything for everyone and part of a a well-humming team is that everyone takes accountability for what they’re responsible for and that’s that’s the ability to really perform yeah and something that you know i’ve always been really passionate about is bringing more talent to our beautiful city newcastle yes so during this time obviously it’s forced everyone to sort of consider more remote working options how have you been onboarding people during covert and during isolation i know you’ve hired a couple of people during that time tell us about that experience of you know having everyone in the office and then suddenly having to set everyone up at home yes so uh when it was all starting to become very hectic and in the news you could tell that it was not going to be long before we moved into into lockdown this was early march we had a managers meeting sunday afternoon and we made the call as a group that we were going to go early and that we were going to get all the stuff that we could home the following day so we met with staff we were able to get 50 of our workforce home in the in the first day uh we had amazing we our challenge became so that’s at least what 50 people how many people yeah yeah so we had uh so we’ve got just about just over 90. so here based here in newcastle uh so yeah we had 50 we were able to send straight away our our challenge was our contact center who was still working off desktops um and our phones through our vpn and all of those types of things so we took the initiative to separate all of them across three floors since we had the space since everyone else was gone they had to use the online tools and technology over that week and work out any kinks and then we uh a bunch of us pulled our cars into the car park we piled monitors desktops chairs we bought newcastle out of ether cable oh my god it sounds hectic it was very it was an intense few days and we yeah and we basically drove to people’s houses set them up where they needed to be set up um made sure everyone was online fine and so by the end of the week we had 100 work from home so that’s a great achievement it was it was so impressive to see and i think the goodwill that we we built with our staff enabled those challenges and kinks to work themselves out everyone took a level of understanding and everyone was willing to help and you know get everything all sorted so and then we just leveraged all of the tools so we we we leaned in hard to microsoft teams and yeah and then obviously our own technology and and being able to to use that to continue to have no impact to the to our clients so that was that was the biggest success factor that clients didn’t realize we’d converted all of our staff to work from home they didn’t they didn’t see any of that which was and what was it like on boarding brand new people yeah what did you have to change about your processes yes so we brought on two devs uh it was like the week after this that occurred so it was virtual onboarding in the first instance but again it was that ability to go here’s my new challenge team uh jake and brooke were able to take it back to the team and go look we’ve got new starters this is what we need and they divide and conquered so they understood what the training plan needed to look like what engagement they needed and were able to coordinate that so that we could get these guys up and running and and working on some on some items really quickly welcome and yeah yeah yeah see a few different people everyone had square heads for a very long time

i know there was definitely a lot of zoom fatigue going on at that time i wasn’t my favorite time i learned that i thought i could do this working from home thing i quite quite like it and then you know throwing homeschooling into the mix and yeah what it what yes not fun i think part of it was also we all unders a lot of us at pegasus have children at school age varying ages from from toddlers right through to high school uh we all understood that everyone was under this immense pressure to try and get this to work um but we gave each other permission to go look if your kid comes in the screen like we would have afternoon catch-ups and my kids would be saying hi to other kids on the back of other people’s videos and it was it was good it was that attitude of going look we we have to we’re going to get through it we need to do it with a sense of humor and reality i know it just i remember saying um i said to my son’s tutor i said can you please but darling via zoom and just take maths way off my hands i’ll do everything else but maths i don’t have enough wine yes oh my gosh that’s it last lesson so just you do that and i’ll do everything else yes it’s so true so we we had um we knew that we had certain meetings that we needed kids to be distracted so we started peg pal kids so each day we would send out a challenge which was like scavenger hunt outside it’s amazing send them on their way colouring in competitions because it was all over easter as well so it was just you know everyone had planned to go away and so yeah so just trying to obviously understand the family factor that’s associated with it as well so yeah yeah yeah because it was already a sort of stressful time so yeah having to you know give that level of support to your staff i think is really important during that time it was such an unusual thing yeah a lot of people can’t handle being at home absolutely and it was not only were you at home that you had no other social outlet as well so those that would have been part of the footy club or the quicker club or had been you know would meet up with you know we have drinks on a thursday or you know whatever it might be from from that work environment all of that stopped it came to a crushing halt really really quickly so it was important to know uh who we should check in on and and how we could try and stay connected as possible and damien out our senior trainer was fantastic he had trivia zoom trivia oh my gosh it was so great he did such a good job so it was a friday drinks and everyone would log in and we’d all do trivia and all of that kind of stuff which was fun yeah yeah you did really well well sounds like you handled it really well we’ve we’ve all come out of it the other side which is that’s the success factor isn’t it so we’ve all come out of it everyone’s engaged and still really engaged in their work and their and their and their jobs and their tasks so and we’ve kept that balance so for those that we can continue to have probably that we’re in the office full time uh but can obviously see the benefits of having a few days out of the office to to focus and concentrate um that’s been able to be maintained so we’ve got that full flex aspect now um through the whole through the whole group yeah i think that’s really key and that’s you know something that a lot of organizations and a lot of my larger clients they just can’t bring 800 people back into the office yeah it’s just impossible to maintain that distance and um you know keep everyone sort of separated and it’s good to see that a lot of companies are really respecting that and respecting the health of their staff and and doing the right thing yeah exactly there’s lots of underlying um anxieties that people feel about that as well so being able just to just take that worry away is it enables that performance to maintain doesn’t it so it’s that you know it’s it’s not that i don’t know if people or employees have been scared of the productivity dropping or we saw a rise in productivity we saw really deliberate meetings really clear actions uh everyone was really focused on what had to be delivered uh communication was great because you just got the stakeholders you needed it was it was a good experience in a terrible time yeah and i think you know it doesn’t necessarily need to be a nine to five working day anymore unless you’re gonna be missing k meetings but if someone wants to start earlier and still getting their work done and finish earlier then you know yeah that’s the harmony adapted mold yes absolutely exactly so let’s talk about you and what you like to do in your spare time oh gosh spare time what’s that so you’ve obviously got a young family as well i do i have a i have a ten and an eight year old who are coming to the end of netball season first time that’s been an experience uh but good if they’ve done canteen duty in the network

my husband’s parents and my parents wanted to take the girls like one time each because you can’t have guests come you can only have one person per kid aspect and so that was the week that my mum took that was meant to be canteen volunteering so i got out of it good because it’s not a nice experience let me tell you i got told off for using the wrong shaped bread roll with the roast beef oh no i should have used the long red one sort of a round bread roll so i got humiliated in front of about 50 parents oh gosh so yes i wasn’t happy that’s it right it’s the oddest thing honestly yes yeah yeah yeah they’ve been i would have to say netball uh new south wales has been one of the most coveted strict i’ve ever come across they did such a great job to have the season happen so uh yeah so we’ve so the girls just come through netball they do dancing you know swimming’s about to start again all of those types of things but uh for me i really like to read i love a good documentary yeah so what kind of books do you read uh i read all sorts of books at the moment i’m reading some tech books so i’m reading brotopia by emily chung at the moment which is yeah which is a really great one about silicon valley and certain stereotypes and those types of things which has been really interesting to read you have to tell me about that one yeah yeah it’s a fantastic book um but all sorts of things i like a lot of biographies but also business and commercial type aspects as well i have an instagram blog called the hr equation which is gu yes which i do when i research certain things and i find interesting tidbits about uh hr frameworks initiatives all of those types of things i just post them up i’ll just yeah the hr equation it’s called and i’m a member of the hunter valley boutique collective so it’s a great group in the valley that um uh it’s not exclusively women by any means but there are a lot of women that go to it lots of professionals business owners that are just seeking support and engagement so there’s a topic every month that varies from all sorts of things from marketing i did a leadership and culture one last month so yeah all sorts of aspects and it’s a it’s an amazing group of inspiring people that just support each other and help with different engagement pieces so that’s that’s been really exciting to be a part of as well yeah awesome yeah and do you listen to any podcasts so i i always recommend uh under your brain by carla lom lowenthal is that how you say her name it used to be called the the lawyer’s stress solution but her whole podcast is about understanding your response to certain situations and what your body’s doing and how it’s reacting and being able to give you a different uh different tools to i guess understand what’s happening in that emotion in that moment and being able to have a good skill set coming out of it to acknowledge it for what it is and and how you can react to it better kind of like short-circuiting that moment and turning it into more of a positive reaction then yeah it’s she’s she’s fascinating to listen to um her back catalogue of the lawyer stress solution i highly recommend i have to listen to you yeah and she’s she’s got some great techniques so i really enjoy that and we’ve got a linkedin learning subscription through pegasus so i have about a 50 minute trip into newcastle from my home so i have about two hours in the car each day so i listen to a variety of different learnings in that as well so over a day i’ll get about six or eight hours worth of learning in as i travel to and from work it’s a really good way to do it i think yeah yeah yeah and they’ve got heaps of audio only versions um yeah everything we’ve got that as part of our recruiter subscription as well yeah it’s fantastic it’s it’s um it’s great we’ve set up a few different uh learning pathways at work with it as well which has been great good and what about is there any business leaders or mentors you have that inspire you yeah look there’s probably there’s many i would say i’ve really enjoyed being part of the akka hr forum yeah uh just being able to have that connection with these hr leaders all over the world that are managing huge businesses medium businesses a whole range of things to see how they’re adapting and changing has been really really great um and the the education they’ve offered out has been has been phenomenal as well so i’ve really enjoyed following a bunch of a bunch of those lovely ladies and gents and you’re reaching out to them when i’ve had more questions and and that’s been really great and very early in my career i had a lovely lady called diane mcdougall who was um a total boss when it came to anything and she was the one that was like get in there you know you can do anything she was amazing she came out just in she came out of semi-retirement to help me in our sydney office when i needed more support for our wow funded programs so people that have a positive impact through your career that you still stay in touch with them yeah definitely definitely very good well i’m so stoked that you came on the podcast it was really insightful for our listeners to get an understanding of pegasus and the growth that you’ve achieved and plans for the future and you know plans for your team as well and how you’re keeping them engaged you know throughout this time and yeah great well thank you for having me always a pleasure i appreciate the hoodies

where your pegasus one’s around it’s like coming to summer but it’s okay it’s okay next winter next week so thank you really appreciate it excellent and i appreciate you being my first podcast thank you very much happy to be here thank you

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