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Episode #45: with Linda Apostolidis

26 June, 2020 | 7 mins 34 secs

This has been an exciting week for NTP! 📢 We are excited to announce the newest member of the NewyTechPeople team, Linda Apostolidis joining James MacDonald as a Director of NewyTechPeople! 😊👏🎤

You will be seeing a lot more of Linda on our socials, she is a huge part of the Newcastle community, sponsoring a series of events in the local area. Be sure to follow us on our socials to stay up to date with everything we will be releasing.

Enjoy the episode!

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  • Transcription:

    Welcome to a special episode of nuit tech people today I have a big announcement over the past six years yeah recruiting in Newcastle I’ve come up against one competitor I’m competitor more than anyone else a competitor that I respect a competitor that has the same philosophy as me around good in long term relationships and somebody who actually invest time and build in the Newcastle tech community she’s sponsored more tech events than anyone else and supplied more pizza to those tech events than anyone else in the Newcastle tech community for sure being a really good opportunity for me and for the new attack people I’m brand to unite under the new intact people brand and be better together I think what what this will provide is more insights the Newcastle tech community of people providing more opportunities for the candidates that we work with and more opportunities for the clients that we work with have greater insights into what’s actually happening in the Newcastle tech community as a whole so today I’d like to welcome aboard Glenda welcome hello thank you how good is this very good a little bit in the works now and yeah I think I think I’d pitch this idea to you about five years ago when our beauties I’ve heard I wanted to hire you about four years ago as well yes you remember you turning me down I think that’s why they’re now here is exciting times for the both of us so for those who might not know you know I think our communities overlap significantly but for anyone that doesn’t know you yeah give people a quick introduction on here you are yeah sorry um I am Newcastle born and bred I moved away from you castle in my early twenties and lived in Sydney and Melbourne for a while and came back with my family about ten years ago and I’ve been recruiting in the Newcastle market ever since particularly mostly in technology ten years in recruitment yeah so you’d be one of the stays it’s not too many favorite doesn’t last long so it’s an exciting time you’re obviously joining you in tech people and having you join as a director and helping shape and grow the angle and where we’re going to take new insect people do you have any any insides any anything you’d like to share with the community on what you’d like to achieve I think you know I’ve been really impressed about what you know what new we take people have done with the platform that you provide so I’d like us to find a way to grow that platform and put a spotlight on Newcastle and the amazing talent that we have in this market and and also help our clients build their employer brands in the Newcastle market as well yeah I think both of us come across it from that perspective both of us I think have a marketing or advertising background as well yeah to try to help companies and help Newcastle as as a whole become a technology destination I don’t think we’re not even have to think we’re the same size as Sydney Melbourne Brisbane yeah there’s definitely an opportunity for Newcastle to grow as a technology destination yeah definitely and I think you know we’re the largest regional economy in Australia and I think that you know the New South Wales government grants to help fund scale ups and tech startups in the Newcastle region will will certainly help with putting Newcastle on the map and creating a tech hub yeah yeah nice and for what you’ve seen over you’ve done recruitment in Newcastle as long as anyone else what have you seen over the past years in the change I’ve seen a steady increase in you know sort of larger larger organizations and just growth in sort of you know local product companies we’ve got some fantastic product companies here that have attracted a lot of investment from elsewhere in the world which is very exciting for Newcastle as a region I think the demand for talent is going to grow I think you know obviously we’ve seen with covert a slight decline but we’re starting to see a bit more activity pickup and it’s certainly going to change the way companies retain and attract talent because we’re now operating in a global marketplace and that probably touches on one of the challenges for Newcastle and that is we are competing now talent with yeah capital cities done internationally with that rise in remote roles that’s a very real challenge for the Newcastle tech market do you say yeah yeah definitely I think you know prior to covert a lot of larger enterprises were going through some kind of digital transformation whether that was improving their business processes and the efficiencies or building new products for their customers but during this time I think it’s forced a lot of those companies to speed up their digital transformation plans or even for some into a digital transformation so I see this market continuing to grow no nice so if you whine about what why technology why recruitment in technology I guess I’ve always worked through software engineers during my career so one of my first real jobs was in advertising for Leo Burnett in Sydney which was an amazing experience and I worked alongside coders and web developers on large enterprise website developments but also online marketing campaigns so I got a really insight into the way that they work I like being around creative people and I just love technology it’s always changing keeps me on my toes you know never keeps you stale so I have a great continues to change of this new roles were recruiting uh seems every couple of months different types of roles and different types of skill sets different titles even mmm that’s exciting and for those give a little bit more insight into who you are what do you like doing outside of work so I have a young family so like everyone else during this time I haven’t been doing much at all but I am looking forward to getting back into the AFL season with my daughter and soccer season with my son so I’ll be spending my weekends running around after them I love to travel I like good food I read a lot and spend time with friends and family that’s really good there’s a lot of similarities I think part of our our discussions around joining up a bandeau similarities in your young families enjoyed good food

    emily’s sorry there’s a lot of similarities there and we both have the same it’s the same work ethic work ethic and desire to try to help build this Newcastle tech community so I’m really excited about you know the growth of both Newcastle as a tech community and also knew we’d take people as yeah a part of that and you know let’s try and attract new talent here it’s such a great place to live as we know and you know we’ve both lived away outside of Newcastle and come back so Newcastle has that boomerang effect just like which is nice so yeah let’s do it completely agree you know yeah I’ll actually give a quick trots to our Allen Spicer from growth wise I spoke to him early days around you know a potential of something like this happening and his advice was if you’ll be better together as opposed to a competitor then it’s a right move and I have zero doubt that we will be better together and be able to provide a better service for the Newcastle tech community well we’ve both just taken our biggest competitor out of the market yeah welcome aboard really exciting times for us for the Newcastle tech community I’m sure you’ll see more of Lindner on video and audio over the coming months as we continue to try to help shine a light on what’s going on locally and help build this community together well Sam let’s do it thank you you

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