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Episode #6: With Wayne Ingram

25 Sept, 2018 | 43 mins 26 secs

In this Episode of Newy Tech People I sit down and chat with Wayne Ingram, Executive Manger of Technology at Mine Super. Wayne is a strong leader and has a lot of wisdom he has learnt over his career. We talk about his thoughts on university and the importance of qualifications for this field of work. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to lead a team in technology or more information on tech events coming to Newcastle check out this episode!

Wayne said he is happy to chat with anyone regarding the podcast. The best way to reach Wayne is through Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Show Notes

Here you can source all the things we have talked about in the podcast whether that be books, events, meetup groups and what’s new in the newcastle tech scene. If you would like to contact Wayne to discusNewcastleship deals or to discuss the podcast contact him on Twitter.

Podcasts Wayne has been Listening to:

Meetups in Newcastle:




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