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Newy Tech Jobs: May 2022 Update

13 Jun 2022 | 4 mins, 01 secs

Here is our market update for May 2022, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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    James MacDonald:
    Hey, James McDonald here from NewyTechPeople. Here today for another episode of the Newy Tech Jobs update. For those of you that might not catch these episodes monthly what we’re doing is looking at the trends and the statistics for the job activity or job posting activity on Seek in the Newcastle technology community. We’re looking at the month of May.

    Right now we had 152 jobs posted in May, that’s down two jobs month on month. So down 2% month on month when you go to roundings. Down 10% year on year. Essentially what the statistics are showing at the moment is we’re really flat. I feel like we’ve got to a bit of a status quo now in the Newcastle job activity market, especially on Seek. So there’s a lot of companies still advertising. There’s a lot of roles out there for technology talent. We’re still candidate short, meaning that there’s more jobs than there are technology talent to be able to fill those jobs. But, Seek performance is continually dropping. If you post a job ad on Seek, three, four years ago you might have got, for a software engineer if we’re using for an example you might have got somewhere between 10 and 30 applicants a couple of years ago.

    These days you’d be really lucky to find one or two quality applicants. And that’s lucky to find one or two quality applicants. There’s a lot of times, job posts are going up at the moment and they’re getting zero quality applicants. You are not filling many jobs off Seek at the moment unless you’ve got a really, really compelling offer and a really well written job ad. At the moment, I feel like Seek, the actual performance of Seek is going down. It’s probably not a true reflection of the job market. The job market continues to go up. Candidate short still but just Seek isn’t the way to fill jobs at the moment. And I feel like most companies have given it a crack now and probably seeing similar results to us. It’s a trend with Seek across the board.

    When you have a look at the greater market and what’s happening, the market’s still talent short. The salaries over the last two years have risen pretty significantly for technology talent and that’s across the board and flow on effect in Newcastle. We’re going to put out our salary guide for 2022/23. That’ll come out in July so next month and that’ll give our overview of what we’ve seen in the market, what are the salary bands for most roles that are hired in the technology market. As well as some insights we’ve surveyed both a lot of hiring managers and also technology talent in the market. to find out what their trends are, what they’re seeing.

    So keep your eyes out for that. That will be posted on all our socials and our website We’ll be back next month for a bit of a jobs overview and also more insights into what’s happening in the Newcastle technology market with our salary guide.

    Thanks again.

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