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Newy Tech Jobs: May 2021 Update

16 Jun, 2021 | 02 mins 59 secs

Here is our market update for the month of May, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

– Welcome to Newy Tech Jobs Update for May, 2021.

So, we’ve had a really strong month in May. Tech recruiting across the board is mental, it’s mental in Newcastle, it’s mental across Australia. There’s two key real drivers for this. It’s one, there’s a lot of people in the tech industry, who are actually sent home on visas during the pandemic, and then the flow on effect from that. Also we’ve had no people coming into the country on visas which is really limiting the tech talent pool. So tech recruitment across the board is absolutely mental at the moment. It’s the hardest I’ve ever experienced in finding really quality tech talent. And we’re having a flow on effect with a lot of companies advertising on Seek. So when it comes to the actual numbers, we had 169 jobs advertised on Seek in the Newcastle tech market during last month. So that is the highest we’ve actually recorded since February, 2020. So pre-pandemic. That’s the highest that we’ve experienced since.

So, massive numbers, really strong advertising across the board. So what that looks like that’s a 23% increase month on month and 92% increase year on year. So May last year, we were obviously right in the thick of things, we’re in lockdown. So 92% increase. That’s obviously nearly a double increase on last year. It was at 23% on last month, which was a pretty strong month in itself. So what it should show you is the competitiveness for talent in the Newcastle tech market is really challenging. And the competitiveness is really high at the moment. When it comes to the types of jobs being advertised, there’s opportunities across the board. We’ve always seen a strong need for software development talent in Newcastle. That has continued. We’ve definitely seen, an increase in the project space BA and PM roles have been around, and then all sort of variations of that, as well. We’re seeing some sort of technical product analyst roles. We’ve seen some systems analysts, and also integration roles come up. So I think there’s opportunities really across the board. So if you’re in the tech industry and you haven’t had a look around what’s going on, you’re not absolutely loving your job at the moment, I would definitely say reach out to us.

There’s probably an opportunity out there for you, at the moment. Secondly, to that the tech market in Newcastle from a salary perspective is all heading North. Salaries have risen reason across the board. Since the pandemic, the competitiveness for tech talent has led to companies becoming more and more competitive when it comes to offers on the table. I will be releasing our salary guide next month. So, within the next four or five weeks that salary guide will be out giving people a really good understanding of what is going on in the salary market in Newcastle.

Keep an eye out for that. Hopefully, it might surprise you with how much salaries have increased in your space, in Newcastle. Until next month, hope you have a great month and we’ll speak to you then with the updated stats.

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