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Newy Tech Jobs: March 2022 Update

11 Apr 2022 | 3 mins, 04 secs

Here is our market update for March 2022, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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    James MacDonald:

    Hey, James MacDonald here from NewyTechPeople and back for another episode of the Newy Tech Jobs update. Really positive news here from March, 2022, absolute all time record for the number of jobs posted on Seek in the Newcastle section with technology. So, 214 jobs posted in March, absolute all time record, since we’ve started looking at these statistics.

    We started recording back in July, 2018. So we’re looking at nearly four years worth of data now and we’ve set an all time record for the number of jobs being posted in Newcastle technology sector, 214. What that’s looking like it’s a 43% month-on-month increase. We expect a reasonable jump from February to March few more days in the month, also March, everyone’s back in the swing of things looking to hire again, but 43% massive increase, 77% year-on-year increase. So, last year was still facing some challenges, but our 77% year-on-year, that’s a massive increase, and just a real buoyant market at the moment, and sign of how strong the Newcastle technology market is, how many organisations are starting to hire technology professionals, and how dire the market is when you look at technology talent numbers versus the number of opportunities there.

    The other challenge is, at the moment, there’s more and more organisations starting to higher technology talent. We had a funeral parlor advertise a couple of jobs last month, and we’ve also had organisations outside of Newcastle starting to target that Newcastle market on Seek, so hiring fully remote roles organisations in Sydney, Melbourne, and abroad, starting to target the Newcastle technology market on Seek, so really interesting to see how that trend plays out ongoing. We’ve seen since April, 2020, we’d seen absolute bottom out numbers around COVID, I think we’re looking at 54 jobs being posted back then, a continual rise, and rise, and rise, with some slight fluctuations up until a new peak now, March, 2022, 214 jobs that’s a massive number for us too.

    So, overall, really buoyant market at the moment, I would say if you’re an organisation, keep looking at the things you can do to A, keep your employees, and B, attract employees, what points of difference do you offer, why should somebody leave their company to come and join you? They are not without other opportunities, and it’s very rare that they’ll be looking at you and you alone. And then, from a technology professional perspective, life’s good at the moment, I would say, if you are not completely happy in your own role at the moment, have a chat to your organisation, see how they can improve what sort of things that might not be perfect for you there.

    And if not, have a look around, there’s definitely other opportunities out there for you; might be more salary on offer, there might be better perks, there might be a different technology stack that’s more in line with what you’re looking for. As I said, really, buoyant month, March, 2022, has been really strong for Newcastle technology.

    See you back next month, cheers.

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