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Newy Tech Jobs: June 2020 Update

20 July, 2020 | 5 mins 09 secs

Here is our market update for the month of June, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

– Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs Update for June 2020. Right now, we’re coming out of the restrictions of COVID, but potentially looking at more restrictions again in the very near future, and it’s a bit of a same, same story for June with May.

So, we had 86 jobs posted in the technology scene in Newcastle on Seek. That is too off the month before, so very, very similar numbers, down 2% month on month, but not a great deal of change there. So traditionally, we see June being a very strong month from a job posting perspective. There are companies trying to use excess budget that they’ve got from the financial year, a lot of project work or contractors tend to uptick in June. We haven’t seen that this year.

We haven’t really seen an uptick in the contractor space whatsoever. The most popular roles that were being advertised during June this year was really the IT, help desk, and support space. Once again, a bit of a continuation, with more and more companies working remotely, having the internal capability to make sure that everyone is able to work remotely, and people are being supported from a technology perspective, so we didn’t see that same uptick as we would normally expect through June.

So when you have a look at that year on year, we’re down 26% based on June 2019, and so, really didn’t see that uptick that you normally do see in June. Obviously, a lot of companies still have some hesitations around hiring with, with the COVID situations going on at the moment.

As a continuation of that, 90% of the roles being advertised are permanent, so once again, companies that are hiring are looking to those long-term hires, as opposed to the shorter term contracting or temporary gigs. So once again, for candidates out there, those long-term permanent opportunities are there.

They’re not there at the same rate that they were earlier this year or last year, but we’re still seeing a reasonable amount of job postings going on in the technology scene. I think technology has been less effected than a lot of other industries, which is a good sign.

Hopefully we see a bit of a growth in July. July, once again, new financial year, new budgets. It is a time for a lot of companies to start hiring again, and adding to their technology teams, so hopefully, we do see a bit of an uptick there. Once again, I think would be a little bit dependent on what does happen with restrictions, COVID-19, the continuation of that, and how businesses are being affected.

So I mentioned help desk was the most popular roles being advertised. Outside of help desk, the other two, three most popular are in the dev space. Again, once again, software developers, always in demand in Newcastle. Then, we’re looking at a little bit in the architect and security space, which is nice, so that higher end of town. That’s nice that there’s a little bit more senior roles. It’s nice to see some of them being advertised, and companies investing from that perspective, so it’s a nice little change there, which we haven’t seen many architect roles being advertised in the prior couple of months, so a really good change there, and exciting to see that.

Hopefully might be a sign of more project work to flow on after that. So when you have a look at actually who’s advertising, it’s predominantly private advertisers, again. That’s a bit of a trend we’ve seen over the last couple of months, just seeing companies advertising on Seek for themselves. 66% of all roles are being advertised by companies themselves. This time last year, it was actually about the 44% mark, so that’s a pretty big change from 44 to 66. I guess it’s a continuation of the COVID situation that’s going on at the moment, companies trying to reduce costs. I think companies going to market themselves, there is still a fair chunk there of recruitment advertising, hiring in technology marketing.

Newcastle is still difficult. We’re still candidate short. Recruiters obviously going over and above just posting an ad on Seek to find those candidates for companies. So in the recruitment market in general, technology is doing quite well. We’re definitely having some success here with Newy Tech People. We’ve brought Linda on over the past couple of weeks, and she’s having some early success with us, as well. I think the technology scene in general is strong, has been more resilient than a lot of other industries, as I mentioned earlier, and I think we’re going to see a bit of growth in that new financial year, July onwards, hopefully a little bit more confidence from a business perspective, more companies investing in technology projects and people.

So that’s a wrap for June 2020. Pretty well, a bit of the same, same story overall, not overly positive, but not overly negative. I think there’s a lot of people within that set it steady state at the moment, trying to figure out what goes on with COVID restrictions, how businesses are going to be long-term affected. So as a whole though, I think technology in general, there’s a lot of companies that are, have dealt with it really well. Working remotely is, has become the norm, and people seem, people and companies seem to be having some success with that. They hopefully will see some continuation of that and some more growth as we roll into the new financial year.

Hope you’re staying safe, hope you are enjoying your working from home time if you are working remotely, and I’ll be back this time next month with another update, cheers.

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