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Newy Tech Jobs: July 2022 Update

16 Aug 2022 | 1 min, 48 secs

Here is our market update for July 2022, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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    James MacDonald:
    Hey, James MacDonald here from NewyTechPeople. In today’s episode of the “NewyTechJobs” update, we are looking at July, 2022. In July, we had 150 jobs posted on Newcastle technology sector on Seek. What that looks like; bang on par for last year, so really solid comparison with last year, not a great deal of movement there, and down 12% months on month. I don’t read too much into that drop. I don’t think that’s a sign of things to come, or a sign of a weakened market at all.

    June tends to be a pretty high month for job postings for a couple of reasons. Some of them; companies looking to use their Seek budget before end of financial year, and then secondly, also new budgets coming in with new financial year from July onwards, companies being on the front foot about that, and looking to hire with those new project budgets, in particular, being approved for the 2022/2023 financial year. So we are seeing some really good opportunities, both in contracting and permanent. There’s a little bit of a rise in contracting opportunities at the moment, which is interesting. Really solid opportunities across the board for technology professionals. I don’t see a great deal of movement outside of that.

    So not a great deal of change within the Newcastle technology scene. I might try and bring in a few different stats for the next episode of this update, just to provide some more insights into actually what’s happening, what markets in particular are growing or falling, so stay tuned for that. Besides that, not a great deal of change for July, 2022. Really solid month. Again, 150 jobs posted in Newcastle is solid volume for our region.

    Hope you enjoyed this episode. If you’ve got any questions about the hiring landscape, what’s happening in the Newcastle technology scene, feel free to reach out to me on [email protected]

    Thanks a lot, see you next month.

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