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Newy Tech Jobs: February 2021 Update

11 March, 2021 | 2 mins 43 secs

Here is our market update for the month of February, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

– Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for February 2021.

In the month of February we have seen 95 jobs posted in Seek, in Newcastle technology industry. So that result is actually down. It’s down 14% month on month and down 29% year on year. Obviously at a really high level that looks pretty negative looks like our industry or the hiring, or advertising of jobs in the Newcastle technology scene is negative or not obviously thriving. What we’re actually anecdotally seeing though is a really positive market. There are a couple of factors that may have come in to play. Seek have actually changed their costing and pricing models around advertising.

The quality of applicants through Seek is varied at best, through posting job ads through Seek. So I could see there’s a bunch of companies that could be looking elsewhere or looking to other avenues for advertising of jobs. Other potential recruitment companies, not looking at Seek as a advertising medium given the cost increases there. So I wouldn’t say that the actual, the numbers themselves, give a really accurate indication of what we’re seeing in the market. What are we seeing in the market? We’re actually seeing a really strong job scene at the moment. Newcastle technology, we’re getting, we’re seeing hiring across the board. Very similar to January. A lot of companies actively investing in technology and technology teams. We’re seeing roles from help desks right up through to senior delivery managers. A real increase again in the project space. Good solid opportunities for PM, Delivery, and BA roles. We’re seeing positivity in the market. Our clients are definitely hiring. And I think we’ve got a really good lay of the land and good visibility about what’s going on across the Newcastle technology scene.

From our perspective, definitely still a positive outlook for the rest of 2021. What would we do about this? I guess we’re going to continue to look at these Seek numbers and see whether they are an accurate representation of what’s going on in the industry. We’re starting to look at LinkedIn talent insights as a bit of an overlaying factor to see if we can get some other data points to give more accurate indication of what’s going on. But, I guess we’ll continue using Seek for now and continue to provide updates on what this looks like going forward.

So if you are looking for a job in the market and you are a technology professional I would say there are definitely opportunities out there for you. Don’t use Seek as your only method of looking for roles. Feel free to reach out to either me or the team here at NewyTechPeople.

If you are a professional, a technology professional looking for new opportunities. Until next month I’ll see you soon.

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