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Newy Tech Jobs: April 2022 Update

17 May 2022 | 4 mins, 01 secs

Here is our market update for April 2022, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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    James MacDonald:

    Welcome to another episode of the NewyTechJobs Update.

    In this episode we’re looking at statistics for April 2022. What we do in these videos is look at the monthly update on the month prior for the number of jobs posted on seek in the newcastle region in the technology vertical so really just trying to assess the activity that’s going on in the hiring or advertising market. The Newcastle technology scene for April 2022 we had 155 jobs posted that’s a 28% month on month decrease. That might sound negative what it really means though is May was our all-time highest recorded month so we’ve been looking at these statistics for over four years now and May 2022 highest recorded number of advertisements ever. We are looking at a 13% year-on-year increase so again 2022 is proving really strong for advertisements in the Newcastle technology sector.

    Technology sector advertisements across the board are really high across Australia there’s a massive talent shortage it hasn’t changed it won’t change any time within the next 6 to 12 months I don’t think especially the newcastle region. Newcastle is a funny spot where prior to covert we used to have people that would move to newcastle and then would look for new jobs based locally in Newcastle. These days i think a lot of people move to the area or move the region and continue to stay with their prior employers so employers are trying to keep a hold of their staff even if they are moving to regional places like Newcastle so it’s a bit of a challenge there for newcastle-based companies and we’re losing that sort of opportunity for that new talent coming to the region. The past month we’ve had more and more conversations with our candidates or technology professionals in the market that are accepting jobs for Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane-based companies even a couple of people that have accepted jobs for companies based internationally so seeing opportunities are plenty for technology professionals out there.

    It is going to continue to be a really challenging market to hire technology professionals both in newcastle and across Australia. I don’t think any of this information is a of a surprise it’s been a continual trend that we’ve seen throughout 2022 a really strong market, a lot of companies trying to hire technology talent especially software engineering. Software engineering is challenging to say the least. A lot of companies facing the same challenges trying to increase their dev capacity across Australia really and the talent numbers just aren’t there so really challenging market I would say do everything you can continue to look after your current staff and think about creative ways that you can attract new staff members to your team.

    If we’re looking at salaries we’re actually going to put out our 2022/23 salary guide on July 1st so there will be a couple of surveys going out at the moment and to try and get some opinions on what’s happening for individuals within the newcastle market in technology so for technology professionals perspective might even link up the surveys in the bottom of this post and then also for hiring professionals so seeing what hiring trends are going on and what people are seeing in the market we’ll also update the salaries that we posted last year because there’s definitely been some movement in that market. Again as a quick wrap April 2022, 155 jobs posted in the Newcastle technology vertical.

    A really strong month again. It’s a buoyant market very challenging to hire technology professionals across the board. I hope you’re doing well in your career. If you need a change or if you have any challenges or questions around the Newcastle technology space feel free to reach out to either myself or anyone on the team here at NewyTechPeople.

    Thank you be back for another episode next month, cheers.

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