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Newy Dev Update: November 2021

1 Dec, 2021 | 03 mins 43 secs

Our Developer Update for November 2021 is here – learn more information about our recent 2021-2022 Salary Guide and what skills and frameworks you should watch out for in the dev space.

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    Liam Potter:
    Hey there, long time no see. It’s getting towards the end of, what’s probably been the most turbulent year for the newy developer market. And honestly, just the most turbulent year in general. But there’s still a bit of fun to be had. This is the newy developer update.

    Okay, first thing’s first, job volume. In the last 30 days we’ve seen, 63 software development jobs posted, which is about 25 more than the average that we’d normally see on seek for a calendar month. Two things to note, companies are scrambling to try and get talent locked in before the start the new year. And we’ve seen a lot of big players advertising in Newcastle in the last sort of month. Xero, Canva, Temple and Webster, bunch of these sort of state and federal government agencies. All getting involved, so really exciting.

    People that we’d not normally see post in the Newcastle region. And I guess just indicates the nationalisation of the job market that we’ve seen in the last year or so. Another interesting thing to flag, a lot of the ads being posted as of late have been from first party advertisers. So the company itself, rather than a agency like newy tech people, I can only speak for us. But the return on investment that we’ve seen from just posting ads on Seek, LinkedIn, or Adzuna, or whatever has been a lot lower than it has been historically. And the price hasn’t gone down, still costs the same, but the, I guess the value you’re getting out of it is a lot, a lot less. So one thing I’d recommend, don’t rely exclusively on job boards when it comes to your job search.

    The reality is the good jobs aren’t always being posted there. This has always been a phenomenon in Newcastle, but it’s definitely doubling down, as of late. I know that we, as a company we’re posting maybe 15 to 20% of our jobs on seek, that used to be probably 40 to 50 to 60%. So it’s definitely worth reaching out to recruitment agencies, just companies in general, seeing what they’re doing, seeing what vacancies they’re going to have coming soon, because it’s probably not on seek. As I alluded to earlier, we’re getting to sort of the tail end of the year, the job market in general, sort of the, the latter half of December up until February pretty much goes into hibernation. I’m going to anticipate that this is going to be maybe a bit longer.

    I feel like people are going to take extended leave. Considering 2021 was just an absolute dumpster fire. Didn’t really get to take time off. Didn’t really get to go on holiday. I think people are going to use the opportunity, to take a bit of time out and what that means for the job market. Things are going to move a bit slow for a while. Reach out to any of us at NewyTechPeople. More than happy to give you the lay of the land. Check out our salary guide. We’ve heard a lot of success stories in the past, sort of three months or so. People getting underpaid, they didn’t really understand their value. Finally had a good data point to reference. They’ve either moved to a job, that’s paying them fairly, or they’ve gotten a solid pay bump at their existing job. You don’t know until, you know, so check it out. You might be a bit surprised by the data we’ve got.

    Newcastle Coders group are hosting their December trivia. Really good opportunity to network. Kind of know who’s who in the zoo, try and build some bridges. You never know what might happen. You might never walk on this bridges, you might. Yeah, something cool can come out of a very innocuous, simple interaction. So I’d recommend if you can, if you’ve got the time, definitely go to events, definitely try and build your network locally.

    Newcastle’s always been a city where it’s, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and learning new things about new people is always fun. This will be our last newy dev update for the year. We’re hopefully going to be settling into our new office finally. We’re hopefully going to be taking a well-deserved December break with our friends and family.

    Hope to see you all in an event really soon. Hope you have an awesome holiday period. Thank you very much. Thanks for watching bye for now.

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