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Newy Dev Update: June 2020

2 Jul, 2020 | 03 mins 15 secs

Our Dev Update for June 2020 is here – learn about what’s hot in the market as well as what skills and frameworks you should watch out for in the dev space.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Liam Potter:

Hey, there I’m Liam Potter and this is the Newy Dev Update. Okay, so June. We’re halfway through what has to be one of the most turbulent years in most of our lifetimes anyway. The last three months has felt like a year.

The reality is that we’re still under a pretty big cloud of uncertainty and we’re gonna be for a while. A lot of industries are being affected in a lot of different ways. And understandably the priority for business’s been to ensure the stability and security of their business, and obviously the staff that sits within that business. That being said, we’ve seen some really positive movement in the Newy Dev Market, that should be music to everyone’s ears. It’s a bit hard to nail down the exact volume of jobs available, just because only about 30% of jobs are advertised on Seek or LinkedIn or even Indeed.

As a result, I can’t really throw out an accurate number as to how many Dev roles there has been in June as it stands. What I can do, is take the month on month and the year on year data that Seek gives us, and use that as a pretty rough estimate. So between April and May, we’ve seen an increase of about 3% month on month. So look close to level, and we’re expecting to see the same in the May to June period as well. Unfortunately, that’s about a 50% year on year drop, if we compare to 2019.

Which is not really unexpected, considering what’s happening in the world at the moment, but it’s one of those things where we’re sort of expecting it to slowly recover over time, as opposed to an immediate bounce back. Within Newy Tech People however, we’ve seen a bit more of a recovery month on month. At the moment, we’ve currently got 12 Dev jobs on across a bunch of different technologies, a bunch of different industries and experience levels. If I try to list them all, we’re gonna be here forever. So really just, if you wanna find out more, reach out to me on LinkedIn, give me a call or send me an email.

Now we’re approaching that time of year, where current students are starting to look the market really, what options they have within it. I’m starting to get more and more inquiries from people who are either close to graduating, or they’ve recently graduated comp sci and are looking to get their first proper sort of role. A bit of advice I’ve given to every grad developer, is to take the time to build out a pretty strong portfolio. The reality is your resume at this stage in your career, it’s gonna be pretty bare. You’re going to have your phone number. You’re going to have your email. You might have a LinkedIn, you might have a GitHub. You might have the Work Integrated Learning Placement you did. That’s kind of how it is. Really, a portfolio is a really good way to differentiate yourself.

Demonstrate your skill set and demonstrate your passion for this space. This can include the University projects. It can include some side projects that you’ve done. And if you haven’t done side projects, I would really strongly encourage you to do so. It can include stuff you’ve done maybe for Codecademy or Udemy or something like that as well. Set up a GitHub page, register a domain, go through that effort, spend a bit of money if you can. Show us some of your best work, because this is becoming a really important part of the recruitment process. I’m planning on doing a bit more of a deep dive on the portfolio piece in future episodes. Cause I think that’s a really important thing, especially at the grad level.

So if you’re not already following the Newy Tech people page on LinkedIn really, I suggest you do so. We put out a bunch of interesting content, that’s gonna be relevant for you. Really throughout your life cycle or your career, but really just, stay tuned.

For now though, thanks for watching this episode of the Dev Update and I will see you again soon.

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