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Newy Dev Update: May 2020

28 May, 2020 | 03 mins 04 secs

Our Dev Update for May 2020 is here – learn about what’s hot in the market as well as what skills and frameworks you should watch out for in the dev space.

We hope you are all doing well and most importantly staying safe!

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Liam Potter:

Hey there, I’m Liam Potter, and welcome to the May edition of the Dev Update!

May has turned out to be a significantly better story than I think we were all expecting. We’re at sub-500 cases of COVID nationally and businesses are starting to return to something vaguely resembling normal, which is great. This is being reflected in the amount of roles we’ve seen posted on job boards, as well as roles coming across our home office desks!

We’ve got fourteen dev roles on at this very moment, all in Newcastle, looking to interview and onboard remotely as we speak. We’ll be here forever if I go through them individually, so let’s break down by front, back or full. There are five pure frontend roles, three pure backend roles, and six full stack. 

Surprising absolutely no-one, most of them are calling for JavaScript or .NET (or both!), but we’ve got some left-fielders in there. One is a Golang role, one is a Python-heavy role, one is a mobile dev role in there too. 

I’m going to draw attention to a couple of these roles, purely because I think they’re outstanding roles. 

First is a grad role! I love this role because it’s such an incredible first foray into the professional world. No legacy code headaches, working in a team full of some of the smartest people I know, working on some really cutting-edge stuff. You’ll get exposure to Python, JS, AWS, some Salesforce…  If you asked me to describe the best first role for someone coming out of uni… this is it. You don’t need to go to Sydney to find roles like these anymore, so don’t. Stay in Newcastle, be challenged, grow your skills. I expect this one will go quickly, so if you’re a recent grad (or about to graduate), hit me up as soon as you can. 

The other one I’m super excited about is a frontend lead role in one of my favourite companies. We’ve built out a great team there and we’re looking for someone to drive the frontend vision. Looking for someone who’s led teams and has had good exposure to Angular-heavy frontend development. Good frontend lead roles aren’t overly common in Newcastle, so I’m sure this one will interest a few. Again, if you’re keen, hit me up. 

Anyway, good to see the market coming back to life after a scary couple of months, good to see some really special roles emerging… hope to see you all at an in-person meetup very soon!

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