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Newy Dev Update: January 2020

15 Apr, 2020 | 03 mins 04 secs

Here is the latest instalment of the Newy Dev Update for the month of Jan. 🎤

Liam Potter provides his perspective on the dev scene in Newcastle, what’s hot in the market at the moment and what you should be keeping an eye out for.

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Hi, this is Liam Potter with JM recruiting and welcome to the first installment of the Newy Dev Update. Because this is the first installment in the series, it’d be good to give you an idea as to what to expect. So I’ll be running you through the roles we presently have on, a bit of the snapshot of the wider market as well as some general tips and tricks to really get your best foot forward in securing that dream dev role. I’m going to be specialising quite heavily in the Newcastle dev space going forward so any devs in the areas, unfortunately for you, get used to seeing a lot more of my face.

So at JM Recruiting, we’ve been quite busy in the dev space at the moment. We currently have 22 dev jobs on in Newcastle. Some across the front end, some across the backend and some across the full stack. We’re working with a bunch of different companies in a bunch of different industries. So there really is something for everyone.

Looking at the front end, we currently have five pure front-end roles on. Your JavaScript, your HTML, your CSS. Most of them are using React, one’s using Angular. We’ve also got six roles working across the Microsoft stack, so your .NET, your C Sharp and we have three data engineering data science roles so Python, R, MATLAB and we’ve got eight full stack roles that are using a pretty diverse set of technologies. All of these roles share a common theme in that they offer quite competitive remuneration, they offer quite good flexibility, working from home, flexible start, flexible finish, that sort of thing. What they’re really looking for are people with a real passion for dev work, a real passion for tech in general.

Looking for people with a really strong personal growth and development mindset. They’re not looking for someone who’s going to sit in the role and just stagnate. They want people to growth with the business. So to really to be a top-level developer nowadays, you have to be committed to up skilling it and developing your skillset at all times. That can be as simple as doing side projects at home, that could be as simple as going on Code Academy, going on Udemy, those sorts of things and picking up new technologies as they become available. You’ve got the option of TAFE or of course, university.

You could also get involved in the community. Newcastle has quite a vibrant tech scene, quite a vibrant community focus. One of the better meetups in the area is the Newcastle Coders Group. You’ve also got Newcastle JS. Meet a lot of like-minded people, pick up some new information along the way. If nothing else, you usually get free pizza.

If you’re consuming content like this, realistically you’ve already taken the first step as far as growing your career, building interest in the community. So it’s worth taking the next step, getting involved, getting your face out there.

So speaking of taking your next step, as I said, we’ve got a bunch of dev roles on at the moment. Really good organisations, really rewarding roles. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Call me, email me, reach out to me on LinkedIn. Whatever you prefer.

Looking forward to hearing from you, looking forward to seeing you at the next newy tech events in the area. Until next time.


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