Newy Tech Jobs: August 2020 Update

Here is our market update for the month of August, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

– Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for August, 2020. This month, we have seen 108 jobs posted on Seek in the technology sector for Newcastle. So, that was down 8% month on month and down 30% year on year. So, very similar to August and down thirty-ish percent on 2019.

Once again, COVID is still having an effect. 30% down on year on year is, not fantastic numbers, especially given that the start of this year we were actually up 2020 on 2019. So, I would say it’s even more than thirty-ish percent, down year on year, given the trends that we were trending up. Down 8% month on month, there’s not a great deal of differences there. July is traditionally quite a big month for advertising in technology.

New budgets come in July for those operating in the financial year. So, along with new budgets come new hiring approvals. So, July always tends to be relatively strong. The fall from July to August isn’t massive. We’re actually seeing a good market. The technology is doing really well across Newcastle. There’s a lot of companies hiring at the moment. Maybe not as much as there was last year, but there are a lot of companies hiring. And we’re seeing hiring across the board predominantly permanently. So companies, if they are hiring, they are still looking to hire permanently but we’re still seeing a lot of roles across the board.

Once again, we’re saying software developers being advertised extremely heavily. They’re the most in demand role. Followed by those support roles, they’re still number two. Once again, that’s been a trend the last couple of months. And then third, there’s no real big standout. We’ve seen a few security roles. We’ve seen a couple of solution architect roles come up, a few in the security space. The one role in particular that started to pop its head up a little bit more is that mobile development role. It does fall also in that software development space, but mobile in particular, and there’s at least four or five companies hiring in the mobile space at the moment. And we are really short on talent in that space in Newcastle.

So, companies are starting to look outside of Newcastle for that, but, a lot of opportunity there. Most of the roles being advertised are by private advertisers. So that’s actually companies advertising for themselves for internal roles. 70% of all the roles. So all the roles being advertised, 70% of them are by companies hiring or advertising for themselves, and 30% by recruitment companies. In saying that, hey, we’re a recruitment company at NewyTechPeople and we’re seeing a really strong volume of work coming through at the moment. So, I don’t think it’s a negative at all. It is a trend that we’re seeing. A lot of companies trying to hire for themselves or advertise for themselves before going to recruitment companies. Last year, was a flip side of that. Last year was 30% of advertisers being private advertisers, and 70% being recruitment companies. So, that’s like an absolute flip on its head.

Again, I don’t think it’s a negative thing at all, companies trying to advertise for themselves. It’s a bit a trend we’re seeing. There is a lot of cost cutting going around companies but, in general, it’s just good to see companies hiring. It’s a really positive sign for the Newcastle technology scene. So we’ll keep it short today, down 8% month on month, down 30% year on year.

Once again, although the numbers are down, I don’t think the actual sentiment around Newcastle is negative. I think there’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of companies hiring locally. So, it’s a good thing for the Newcastle technology scene as we continue to sort of see companies hire, and more talent come to the region. So, although the stats are down, I think, overall, not a bad month for August.

Really interested to sort of see how we bounce and continue to grow through the end of the year, September, October, November, as we sort of, you know, go into Christmas, which is normally a bit of a lull period. So, I’m really interested to see what the stats are in September and October.

We’ll be back with a bit of an overview of September at the end of the month. Enjoy your month.




Newy Tech Jobs: July 2020 Update

Here is our market update for the month of July, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

–  Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for July 2020. This month was actually quite positive. We had 118 jobs posted in the Newcastle technology scene on Seek in July. What that means is up 37% month on month.

So I guess May, June were really negative. Obviously a big hit from COVID. And July has seen a big bounce back by 37%, it’s a pretty significant increase there. July tends to be a really good month for hiring every year. It tends to be a new financial year. New budgets for a lot of companies and along with that comes new projects and head count approval. So that trend has continued even through COVID. So it’s a really positive sign to have some strong numbers in July. In saying that we are still feeling the effects of COVID.

We are down 39% year on year. So July as I said, was a really positive month for hiring traditionally down 39% on this time last year. Whilst we have a positive increase month on month, we are seeing a positive direction as we come out of COVID hopefully. We are still down significantly on last year. So COVID is still having an effect on our industry on hiring across the board, but we are seeing some positive signs in the market right now.

We’re actually seeing a little bit of an increase in the temporary and contract space. So 92% of roles this month were still permanent, but 8% of the roles were, in that temporary fashion or temporary contractors.

We are seeing a bit of a rise there, and that’s been really really low of late. A little bit of a rise in that space, which sort of ties into some of the most popular roles being advertised in the past month were very obviously software developers and help desk, they’re the top two. Business analysts were sort of the third, most popular roles being advertised. A lot of those BA roles are advertised on a contract basis or long term contract basis. So that made up a bit of that chunk, of that 8% of contracting roles there.

A nice little surprise for a rise in business analysts. Hopefully that leads to more and more projects being kicked off and more hiring in the future. A couple of roles that are a little bit surprising over the past month, which we don’t see every month, a couple of really senior data roles or a data architect role, a head of data role. As well as a couple of solution architect roles. So it’s really nice to see that more senior end of town being looked after a little bit. Some good opportunities there for people sort of that more senior end.

The non surprise was software developers being the most popular roles being advertised again. They are extremely hard to recruit for at the moment in Newcastle, we’re definitely candidate short. So for any companies hiring in that space, you’re going to have to offer something over and above to attract good people to your organisation. It might be dollar figure, it might be working conditions, it might be the software that you’re working with. You are going to have to pick something and make that a reason for people to come and join your organisation because software developers are in demand.

For the software developers, there is still a little bit of hesitation in the market, on the candidate front with people not wanting to move during COVID. What I can tell you is there are a lot of longterm permanent opportunities with companies who have very strong futures. So it’s no worries about these roles being turned over, or cut anytime in the near future.

Whilst COVID there’s some negativity around some hesitation in the market. If you are a software engineer, software developer in the market, and you’re considering a new role, but being worried about the market, I can tell you with extreme confidence that there’s plenty of opportunity out there for you at the moment with longterm permanent opportunities.

The last stat that we look at is, who’s actually advertising the roles. 65% of the roles being advertised, were by a private organisation so by actually companies themselves hiring or advertising for their own organisations, 35% being recruitment companies.

Last year that was flipped. Last year was 36% being private advertisers and predominantly the rest being recruitment agencies. I think that is a bit of a trend that we’ve seen through this COVID period, more companies trying to recruit themselves. I’ll be interested to see how that plays out over the next few months given how challenging it is at the moment to hire really quality technical or IT staff in your organisation in particular in that software development field. So that’s a wrap for July 2020.

Really nice to see a positive bounce back from the dip in April, May, June. 37% increase across the board, so positive news. Hopefully we see some more in August fingers crossed that we don’t go into lockdown again, like Victoria is currently experiencing.

Hope everyone stays safe till next month.

See you then.



Newy Tech Jobs: June 2020 Update

Here is our market update for the month of June, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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James MacDonald:

– Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs Update for June 2020. Right now, we’re coming out of the restrictions of COVID, but potentially looking at more restrictions again in the very near future, and it’s a bit of a same, same story for June with May.

So, we had 86 jobs posted in the technology scene in Newcastle on Seek. That is too off the month before, so very, very similar numbers, down 2% month on month, but not a great deal of change there. So traditionally, we see June being a very strong month from a job posting perspective. There are companies trying to use excess budget that they’ve got from the financial year, a lot of project work or contractors tend to uptick in June. We haven’t seen that this year.

We haven’t really seen an uptick in the contractor space whatsoever. The most popular roles that were being advertised during June this year was really the IT, help desk, and support space. Once again, a bit of a continuation, with more and more companies working remotely, having the internal capability to make sure that everyone is able to work remotely, and people are being supported from a technology perspective, so we didn’t see that same uptick as we would normally expect through June.

So when you have a look at that year on year, we’re down 26% based on June 2019, and so, really didn’t see that uptick that you normally do see in June. Obviously, a lot of companies still have some hesitations around hiring with, with the COVID situations going on at the moment.

As a continuation of that, 90% of the roles being advertised are permanent, so once again, companies that are hiring are looking to those long-term hires, as opposed to the shorter term contracting or temporary gigs. So once again, for candidates out there, those long-term permanent opportunities are there.

They’re not there at the same rate that they were earlier this year or last year, but we’re still seeing a reasonable amount of job postings going on in the technology scene. I think technology has been less effected than a lot of other industries, which is a good sign.

Hopefully we see a bit of a growth in July. July, once again, new financial year, new budgets. It is a time for a lot of companies to start hiring again, and adding to their technology teams, so hopefully, we do see a bit of an uptick there. Once again, I think would be a little bit dependent on what does happen with restrictions, COVID-19, the continuation of that, and how businesses are being affected.

So I mentioned help desk was the most popular roles being advertised. Outside of help desk, the other two, three most popular are in the dev space. Again, once again, software developers, always in demand in Newcastle. Then, we’re looking at a little bit in the architect and security space, which is nice, so that higher end of town. That’s nice that there’s a little bit more senior roles. It’s nice to see some of them being advertised, and companies investing from that perspective, so it’s a nice little change there, which we haven’t seen many architect roles being advertised in the prior couple of months, so a really good change there, and exciting to see that.

Hopefully might be a sign of more project work to flow on after that. So when you have a look at actually who’s advertising, it’s predominantly private advertisers, again. That’s a bit of a trend we’ve seen over the last couple of months, just seeing companies advertising on Seek for themselves. 66% of all roles are being advertised by companies themselves. This time last year, it was actually about the 44% mark, so that’s a pretty big change from 44 to 66. I guess it’s a continuation of the COVID situation that’s going on at the moment, companies trying to reduce costs. I think companies going to market themselves, there is still a fair chunk there of recruitment advertising, hiring in technology marketing.

Newcastle is still difficult. We’re still candidate short. Recruiters obviously going over and above just posting an ad on Seek to find those candidates for companies. So in the recruitment market in general, technology is doing quite well. We’re definitely having some success here with Newy Tech People. We’ve brought Linda on over the past couple of weeks, and she’s having some early success with us, as well. I think the technology scene in general is strong, has been more resilient than a lot of other industries, as I mentioned earlier, and I think we’re going to see a bit of growth in that new financial year, July onwards, hopefully a little bit more confidence from a business perspective, more companies investing in technology projects and people.

So that’s a wrap for June 2020. Pretty well, a bit of the same, same story overall, not overly positive, but not overly negative. I think there’s a lot of people within that set it steady state at the moment, trying to figure out what goes on with COVID restrictions, how businesses are going to be long-term affected. So as a whole though, I think technology in general, there’s a lot of companies that are, have dealt with it really well. Working remotely is, has become the norm, and people seem, people and companies seem to be having some success with that. They hopefully will see some continuation of that and some more growth as we roll into the new financial year.

Hope you’re staying safe, hope you are enjoying your working from home time if you are working remotely, and I’ll be back this time next month with another update, cheers.



Newy Tech Jobs: May 2020 Update

Here is our market update for the month of May.

In April, we recorded the biggest fall and also the lowest jobs ever since we started recording these updates but thankfully the numbers have started to rise again. 

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James MacDonald:

– Hey, James MacDonald here and welcome to another episode of, the “Newy Tech Jobs” update. This time we’re looking at May, 2020. And it is a more positive story than last month. So in April, we recorded the biggest fall and also the lowest jobs ever since we started recording these. So very good news that it’s an uptick, if it wasn’t we’d really be doom and gloom. But it’s nice we’re seeing, a 60% rise month on month. So it’s a pretty significant rise. But we are still down 32% year on year. So 32% year on year, just shows that, hey, COVID-19 is still having an effect but there is some more positivity where it looks like we’ve seen the worst of it from a job activity perspective and there are companies starting to see some confidence in hiring again.

Overall, there was 88 jobs posted in the Newcastle tech scene, during May. The type of jobs being advertised are predominantly permanent, so 90% of the roles being advertised were permanent. Again what we’re seeing is, if companies are prepared to hire at the moment they are hiring in a permanent fashion, they’re looking to get people on board for the longer term, the exceptions to that, are the 10% of roles that are advertising in the sort of contracting or temp space are predominantly in the help desk space in around trying to get some support in for the now, getting some tech support to come and help people during this period. So that would be the one exception but predominantly permanent roles across the board in the Newcastle tech scene.

When it comes to who’s advertising roles, the trend has continued for an uptick with private advertising, advertising more than recruiters. Back in last year, and there was definitely a trend to probably skew 60/40 to the recruiters and now it’s sort of flipped, it’s 68% of the roles were being advertised by private advertisers and 32% roles by recruiters.

Again, I think that ties in to a couple of things we were talking about last month, cost cutting, for one, companies are trying to hire themselves at the moment. And cut their recruitment costs down. If possible, I would be interested to sort of see how this trend continues as the market becomes more and more competitive.

We have had some candidates come onto the market through redundancies and things like that. So maybe it is a little bit easier to recruit some roles at the moment. But I would say across the board, the Newcastle tech scene, is still candidate short. I would say there’s more opportunities than there are really quality tech talent in Newcastle. But we are seeing a little bit of a trend for some people coming out of Sydney back to Newcastle as well over the last month. So that’s an exciting story for the Newcastle’s technology scene bringing more talent back to our market. So let’s hope we can see some more of that.

When it comes to the type of roles being advertised. 27% of the roles were advertised in the help desk and supports space. So I think it just continues the trend and a lot of companies are working remotely at the moment. A lot of companies trying to set up and support their staff during this period. So making sure that their staff is supported to work remotely does require quite a bit of intensive time from a technology perspective, and companies are hiring to sort of build up that tech support capability within their businesses.

The second most popular roles being advertised were software developers, they never fall away in Newcastle, software developers are in such a talent shortage in Newcastle, especially in the 80K to 120K mark. So in that sort of mid to senior mark, there’s less opportunities for senior developers over 120 K, in that sort of 80 to 120.

There are more companies advertising, more companies looking than there is talent available at the moment. And that has been the trend over the past six to 12 months at least. The only sort of outlier, I guess, for the jobs being advertised last month were security roles. We had six security roles being advertised. So, there is more companies starting to look at that sort of security, cyber security as a very real need for their teams.

We’re seeing more and more, still speckled, but more and more security needs in the Newcastle scene so it will be nice to see that continue I know the cybersecurity group launched last year and that’s continuing to build as well. So it’s a nice little trend to see security being valued within the Newcastle technology scene. That’s the summary for the Newcastle scene across the month of May 2020. Definitely a positive story. Positive uptick from the depths of April.

Let’s hope it continues throughout June. June and July tend to be really strong months from an advertising perspective and companies trying to hire, either they are trying to use what budgets left from last year or the current financial year? Or when July hits new budget’s hit and approvals for new roles can come on board and July tends to be one of the biggest months for hiring just in general but definitely in the technology scene. So let’s hope for some more positivity over the next two months.

Hope you’re taking care of yourselves I hope working from home. If you’re still doing that is treating you well and you’re managing to get through this period.

If you’ve got any questions about anything that’s going on in the Newcastle Tech Scene, feel free to reach out 0427 107 796 is my mobile number or

Thank you, speak to you next month, cheers.



Newy Tech Jobs: April Update

Here is our market update for the month of April.

As expected the effects of COVID-19 on the Newcastle job market, particularly from March into April has seen a dramatic dip from what we would usually expect at this time of year.

Watch the video below to find the latest stats and trends from the Newcastle tech scene.

Our team at Newy Tech People hope you are all doing well and most importantly staying safe!

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James MacDonald:

Welcome to The Newy Tech Jobs Update for April 2020. Right now, we are still in the middle of COVID-19. We’re still in the middle of restrictions, and the job market has plummeted as expected.

So let’s start with a little graph which will show everything pretty clearly to everyone. Where we’ll start, October, 2019. We’re coming off a really strong June, July, which is always a really strong time for hiring, we lead into November and December where companies really do tend to start to pull back on hiring just coming up into the Christmas period, people not wanting to onboard over Christmas.

Then we take a really strong bounce back during January, February hitting massive peaks, biggest month for job posting in Newcastle Tech Scene in the past two years since we’ve started recording the data that is the strongest month for job postings, we have recorded. And then we fall off the cliff. February really, you can start to see the results falling, March, falling.

Okay, when we’re talking raw data, we are talking 55 roles being posted in the Newcastle Tech Scene in the month of April. That is a small number. That is down 57% month on month and it is down 60% year on year. It is down 72% on February only two months ago. We’re talking a 72% drop in two months on the roles being advertised in the Newcastle Tech Scene. So, obviously not as many opportunities out there for candidates in the Newcastle market at the moment.

There are a lot of companies, that are holding off on advertising right now just because of uncertainty in and around their business, and downfalls in the business turnovers and revenues, also cost cuttings and I think the last part is just some uncertainty regarding that interviewing and onboarding process remotely. Some companies don’t have that set up in place, and aren’t confident to push through with that at the moment. So that’s once again another hesitation regarding, roles not being advertised or pushed forward right now.

What are the type of roles being advertised? Well, they are permanent roles. 92% of the roles being advertised are actually permanent roles. That’s normally 65 to 70% of the roles being advertised permanent and the rest being contract temp. So what it says to me is, if companies are identifying a need to hire at the moment, they are pushing forward with that. But that is in a permanent fashion. So 92% of the roles being advertised are permanent roles. So the contractors and the people that operate under the contract and temp space, not a great deal of opportunity for you out there at the moment. Hopefully that does change.

Well, 69% of the roles were being advertised by private advertisers. That’s normally in the 45-50% range, so once again big uptick from private advertisers moving ahead with advertising for roles. That could be down to a couple of things. A lot of companies cost cutting at the moment, a lot of companies really looking at all expenditures going out at the moment. So, recruitment is obviously a fee. It’s a service that’s being provided for a fee and there are companies that are looking to cut costs at the moment.

Other companies might also see this as an opportunity to try to advertise themselves, to try and pick up stuff they might not otherwise have had opportunity to get. So, you can say it maybe an opportunistic avenue to try and advertise right now. But, big uptick from the private advertisers and hopefully some of them have some success in onboarding new people into their teams right now.

When it comes to the type of roles being advertised, we are looking at primarily the help desk and support roles. 31% of the roles were advertised in that help desk and support space. So, I guess that’s not overly surprising again, we’re looking at a lot of companies right now, working remotely, working from home.

When that happens, you need to have technology in place to enable your teams to work remotely and to have high productivity while working remotely. And that just comes with technical issues, no doubt. Across the board, companies are having some technical issues in getting those, you know, the remote working stations set up, to allow productivity for the people. And to do that you need a tech support team in place. Some companies don’t have that tech support team in place and have decided to onboard or bring that in-house.

Other companies are looking to expand upon their teams to provide more support, because there’s obviously more tickets that are being been shared these days than would have otherwise normally been the case. So good to see that companies are investing in tech support to enable their teams to work remotely.

The other two type of roles being advertised at the higher end, in and around that network and sys admin space. Once again, probably just companies investing in the infrastructure to allow their companies to work remotely. I think this COVID-19 and working remotely has put a big emphasis on that and push companies maybe ahead of where they would have otherwise been. They might not have looked at that working remotely as a full time option previously, COVID-19 has forced that upon them. So they’ve got to make sure they’ve got the infrastructure in place to allow that.

Third most popular role are web developers. Developers are always in need in Newcastle, are always being advertised for, because it is such a candidate short market, I think there is a little opportunistic take on this, as some companies are looking to advertise for those roles now. Maybe try and pick up some staff or some potential employees that might be on the market now where they wouldn’t have otherwise been a couple of months ago.

Really luckily across the board and Newcastle, I haven’t seen too many people laid off in the technology space yet. There is one company in the past week where we’ve lost a rather big percentage of their technology team. So I’m sure most people know of that company. I don’t need to call it out. I just give my well wishes to that tech team and hopefully they’ll be able to nab a new job in Newcastle.

We’re definitely trying to help out a couple of them at the moment and I would like to try to see the tech talent in Newcastle stay local to Newcastle and continue to build our technology teams here. And once we’ve got people in Newcastle, let’s keep them here. So if there’s anyone looking to hire in the .net space at the moment, yeah, reach out to those people. I think there is definitely some really good quality talent at the moment looking for new roles.

So probably the fourth most popular and it’s a long fourth. But there’s been an uptick in rising security roles over the past month. So we’re looking at, I think six roles advertised in the security space in April. So really good to see companies starting to invest in that security space. I think that will be a continual rising space when COVID-19 goes away. More companies investing in security as we move forward and technology teams grow. And there’s a rise in that need that on that sort of security specific route.

Across the board, it’s a very negative month. It’s a negative month on job postings. Not overly surprising though, there’s a lot of companies that have got some uncertainty here. As I said, luckily for the technology individuals there hasn’t been too many losses of roles across the board in Newcastle Tech Scene which is a great thing for our community. And it’s good to see some companies continue to invest in hiring. It’d be good to say that, sort of, continue to turn around over the next few months, who knows how long it’ll last, it will probably depend on those restrictions in place.

I just want to say stay safe to everyone out there in that Newcastle tech community. Hope everyone is managing as best as they potentially can. Looking after their own mental health, as much as anything. Hopefully, you are as tech teams being able to show companies that working remotely is possible. Providing that right technology solutions for the rest of the company to work remotely and continue to push forward.

Hopefully, I have some more positive news to share next month. But thanks for tuning in.

If you’ve got any questions about anything that’s going on in the Newcastle Tech Scene, feel free to reach out 0427 107 796 is my mobile number or

Thank you, speak to you next month, cheers.



Newy Tech Jobs: March Update

Here is our market update for the month of March. Recent events concerning the spread of COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for companies around hiring and the future of Australian businesses.

We have been surprised by the Newcastle tech market amidst this transition period and it has been great to see companies that are pushing ahead and continuing to hire remotely.

Our team at Newy Tech People hope you are all doing well and most importantly staying safe!

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Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for March, 2020. I don’t think the results are gonna be surprising to anyone. Right now, we’re in the middle of COVID-19. We’re in isolation. I’m recording this from home as opposed to our little studio inside INNX there.

Like most companies, recruitment has been affected. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Newcastle tech community and the Newcastle tech markets. So, jobs numbers have been falling across the board. Obviously a lot of, I guess, hesitation or just uncertainty with the companies that have pulled roles, they’re just uncertain about what their future is. So, I guess instead of putting somebody on and then having to let them go in a couple of weeks slash months. There are companies that are pulling back from hiring right now or putting roles on pause. So, that’s definitely happening across the board. There’s no point in hiding from that.

There are other companies, though, that are pushing ahead and starting to hire remotely. So, both doing interviews remotely, either via Zoom, Hangouts, some Skype, still via Skype. But less and less via Skype these days. And starting to figure out what that on boarding process could look like remotely. So, that’s probably the bigger challenge out of the two is on boarding remotely, as opposed to interviewing remotely.

I think most people are pretty comfortable with video interviews and things like that now, but with Zoom and teams out there, I think there are companies that are starting to sort of navigate that on boarding process as well. So, props to anyone that’s going through that at the moment and changing their processes to make that a more smooth and as fluid a process as possible. So, yeah, props to any companies that are currently navigating those challenges and still pushing forward with hiring.

Before I get started in the numbers, just a quick shout out to anyone that has been affected by COVID-19 with a loss of job, reduced hours, harder times financially, or even worse from a health perspective. I just wanna share my well wishes. I hope things turn around for you or your loved ones that might have been affected. So, that’s obviously more important than the amount of jobs that are being posted. I think as a community, one of the best things that we’ve seen through COVID-19 is that more community spirit being shared, especially with the, you know, buy local type movement that started with trying to help support small businesses. I think that’s the biggest positive we have seen, so hopefully as a community, we can come together and support those that are going through more difficult times, so that’s just my well wishes. It doesn’t mean a great deal, I know, but, yeah, I hope you and your loved ones get through these times.

Onto the jobs. In March we had 127 jobs posted in Newcastle tech scene, which is a smaller number than the previous months and previous years but not dramatic, not as dramatic as we might have thought. That might really hit home in April.

It was down 35% month on month, so down 35% on February and down 21% year on year. So, relatively big fall, not unexpected, I think we all knew that companies would start to hold off on advertising new jobs and just, sort of, sit and wait and see how this plays out for a little while. The fall is probably not as big as I expected, but maybe April is where we really see it start to feel that hit.

Before companies, maybe in March, April, June, March, June, July understand that working from home is not now a BAU and we can hire and push forward for business, so I expect April to be down, May will probably be down again. Maybe we’ll see a bit of resurgence around that June, July time. So, we’ll see how it plays out.

For the type of jobs being advertised, 80% of the roles were permanent and 20% are temp and contracting space. I think that shows that, hey, if companies are gonna hire, they’re looking for those long-term hires. We’re not gonna onboard somebody now, remotely, for a short-term contract. What we’re really gonna do if we’re gonna push forward with a role that’s one of those more important business critical roles.

We will hire those people in a permanent fashion so 80% of the roles are hired permanently, that is pretty significant increase on the month gone by. So, not overly surprising, again, I think businesses are pushing forward with hiring right now, understand the real needs for those roles to the business going forward so they’re making sure that they hire those people on a permanent fashion.

Who’s actually advertising? Predominately recruiters, actually. It’s been a flip from February. So, February 35% of the roles were advertised by recruiters and last month, there was 60% of the roles being advertised by recruiters. Couple of different factors that could come into that, obviously HR teams are under the pump at the moment with figuring out different policies for people working from home, working remotely and then also looking after mental health of staff, making sure that people can push through this as well as, unfortunately, there are layoffs and staff cuts and reduced hours being enforced across the board, and this is happening in multiple different companies at the moment. So, HR is extremely busy time to be in HR. If there is something that they can outsource, it’s predominately recruitment.

There are more recruiters advertising at the moment than private advertisers. I would just say that’s probably a mix of some really hard to fill roles, so recruiters getting engaged, and then also just the sheer workload of HR at the moment has got to be extremely difficult, so, props to anyone in HR. Hopefully it gets a little bit easier for you The types of roles being advertised.

It’s probably not too dissimilar to in the past, business and systems analysts, that and developers, software developers, are number one and two, followed by really closely by tech support. So, tech support obviously really important at the moment. With a lot of teams going remote, making sure that, you know, you’ve got the, the right things set up for people to be able to access when they need to online, being able to work with their different systems from home. Tech support’s invaluable through these periods. Business and system analysts, I guess, a lot of projects, are still gonna go push forward. I guess there’s probably those business critical roles we talked about before and software developers, I would say fall into that as well. Companies that are investing in software development. It’s probably core to what their actual business is doing, and making sure the business can continue to operate going forward. So, those are the three most popular roles being advertised at the moment, not too dissimilar to anything that’s happened in the past, those three tend to be at least within the top five month in month out.

All in all, definite fall month on month, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of companies still hiring in Newcastle. I would say that Newcastle tech scene if this sort of COVID hit four or five years ago, we would have been in really dire straits or with a bare market.

I guess from a jobs perspective in where the opportunities are for candidates out there but because there are so many companies investing in technology now, there are still opportunities for people, so I do think it’s a positive sign for our community and how far we’ve grown in the past four or five years, so. That is a positive sign, and hopefully we do see an uptick as business continue to push forward and understand that, working from home might be our BAU for six months plus, and that’s what it might be looking like at the moment.

If anyone’s looking for some advice around, you know, how to onboard, or how to video interview or interview remotely, feel free to reach out. We’ve found a couple of articles that are written by people that know more better than what we do, and we’ll happily share those with anyone, so. Until next month, where I’ll share the April update. I don’t think it will be an overly positive story again. But, we’re continuing to push through it. I think companies are still investing in hiring which is a really good sign for the Newcastle tech scene, so we’ll share that update then.

I hope everyone stays safe more than anything, I hope people are looking after their mental health working from home. Making sure they get a little bit of time to get away from their computer and get away from day in day out work and look after themselves and their families. I’ll reach out to you again next month with the next monthly jobs updates. Stay safe. I hope everyone gets through this as best as we possibly can, cheers.



Newy Tech Jobs: February Update

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Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for February 2020. February this year, last month we had 194 roles advertised in the tech category in Newcastle in the month of February. That is the biggest total we’ve had since we started recording this at the start of January 2019. Bigger than at any point in 2019, eclipsing July last year, which was 191, so only just beating it, but last year July had 31 days, February just had 29, so even bigger indication just to say how popular a month it was. A really positive result to say the Newcastle tech scene is more heading in the right direction, lots of companies are hiring. It’s a really good time to be a candidate in the tech scene in Newcastle.

Just to give some further clarity on how big a number that is, it’s up 45% month-on-month, so bigger than January by 45%, and up 50% year-on-year. 50% increase year-on-year is significant. February tends to be a good time to hire, and a lot of companies coming back. January tends to be a slower month, and with people’s holidays and then the Australia Day long weekend, so February’s always busy, but to be a 50% increase on last year is significant. Once again, just really positive signs for Newcastle tech scene.

There were three key data points for February 2020. That first key data point was that total number of jobs, which was significant. The second key data point was 65% of all the roles advertised were by private advertisers. That number is traditionally 50, 55% private advertisers, if not skewed more to the recruiter side, but recruiters advertising more than private advertisers, so big data shift to say private advertises are starting to advertise more on Seek in the tech scene in Newcastle. That’s a 32% increase month-on-month, and about a 30% increase on most of the trends we’ve seen last year, so big increase, big shift towards private advertisers advertising in the tech scene in Newcastle.

My take on that increase from private advertisers for February, I think those numbers are skewed a little bit, because the most popular roles advertised in February are actually Help Desk and IT Support roles. Help Desk and IT Support tend to be the second or third most popular roles being advertised in Newcastle, but in February, they became the most popular roles being advertised. I think a lot of private advertisers understand that they might be able to do a Help Desk or IT Support role themselves through Seek. If you have a look at Seek application numbers in general, you would definitely get more applicants for Help Desk or IT Support role than you would be for a really hard to fill a Solution Architect or Developer. I think a lot of advertisers understand that and our advertising for those roles themselves. That was a key reasoning, I think, behind private advertisers advertising more themselves before going to recruiters.

On that point, most popular roles advertised for the month were Help Desk and IT Support roles, followed by Developers, followed by Business and Systems Analysts, with actually quite a few little Solution Architect roles being thrown in there as well. Top three: Help Desk/IT Support, Developers, Business/Systems Analysts, but a good little growth there from the Solution Architect type space, which is nice to see that top-end, more senior roles starting to be advertised, and companies looking to hire in that space. I don’t see the trends significantly changing. Those three top categories tend to be the three top categories most months, but just real increase in that Help Desk and IT Support space at the start of the year. Nice for people in that space. Good opportunities around.

On the Developers point there, Developers were advertised a lot last year. It’s the same trend to start the year. Software Engineers are in significant demand at the moment, and they’re being advertised heavily on Seek. My advice for anyone, private advertisers especially, advertise what you can offer to those candidates. There’s a lot of advertisements out that are saying, “We want, we want, we want.” Really, that’s not the spot you’re in. Candidates have all the power in this market, and it’s about you advertising to them what you can offer them. Is that a salary package? Is that the type of technology you use? Is it flexibility with work hours? What type of team and environment do you work in? You’ve got to tell the market what you can offer them if you have any chance to hire good quality Software Engineering talent.

I would say that’s specific in that market, but in the wider sense as well, give the candidates some information. Why should they come and join your team? It’s called a job advertisement for a reason. It is an advertisement, not you’re in a position of power where people are knocking at your door to come and join your team in 99% of the situation. I think that’s a better experience for the candidate, to know what they’re walking into, and why they should come and join your team. That would be my little piece of advice in that Software Development space in particular.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Newy Tech Jobs. We’ll be back in April for the March update. If you’ve got any questions on what’s happening in the Newcastle tech scene, feel free to reach out to me. 0427 107 796. Thank you.



Newy Tech Jobs: January Update

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James MacDonald:
Welcome to the Newy Tech Jobs update for January 2020. So January was a pretty solid month, which is a good start for 2020, good continuation of 2019. So 219 was a really strong year in the Newcastle tech market can only say continued growth this year. There’s more and more companies hiring into their tech teams. They’re doing some custom dev work themselves, upgrades to their infrastructure. There’s a lot of work being done just across the board, really. Using technology to sort of help take their businesses forward. So not only pure technology companies, but more traditional companies investing in technology, which is a good sign for Newcastle. Really good time for any candidates in the Newcastle tech, scene so. Newcastle tech candidates will probably have multiple opportunities if they are willing to have a look at other opportunities outside where they’re currently at. So especially in the dev market.

So if you’re a dev and you’re not loving where you’re right, let’s have a chat. I’m sure you’ll get multiple opportunities for other companies who’d be looking for your services. So good sign for Newcastle tech scene in general. Good growth throughout 2019 and good stuff for January 2020. So January we had 129 jobs being posted on SEEK in technology in Newcastle. So that was up 59% month on month. So December a really quiet month. Very little companies looking to actually advertise and hire in December. Those that are probably looking at contracts or looking to sort of get on the front foot for people to start in January, but January is kicked off really strongly, 129 jobs. So big increase month on month, pretty similar to the year before. It’s actually down 4% but pretty similar across the board. I wouldn’t read anything into that sort of 4% mark there.

So the top of jobs being advertised is 70% of them are permanent opportunities. Once again pretty similar to most of 2019. I think Newcastle tech companies or Newcastle companies in general trying to hire tech staff realize how difficult it can be. So if you can get somebody on board let’s get them on board in a permanent fashion, keep them on board. I’m sure a lot of projects are ongoing or they’re looking for, once you get people in as continual work, therefore good technology candidates. Plus again, I think candidates have it a little bit of power in the market at the moment and aren’t going to accept short-term contracts unless those day rates are significantly higher.

When it comes to who’s actually advertising in January, it was actually a 50/50 split between recruiters and private advertisers. Traditionally that’s about 70% recruiters, 30% private advertisers, so I think what it shows is there’s a lot of companies coming back and kicking off the new year and thinking, “Okay, let’s try and hire into our teams. We’ll try and do it ourselves first.”

If that’s unsuccessful, then sort of put it to the recruiters in Newcastle. So it’s a good time. I always encourage our companies to give it a go. If you think you can hire into your teams are definitely going to go ahead and do that. The recruiters are there for a reason. Now there is a very real challenge in getting quality tech candidates out there. So I’m not fearful for my job or our industry, especially in the tech market in Newcastle.

When it comes to the type of jobs being advertised pretty similar to the trends of the last year. BA’s were the equal top so that 18% percent, I guess what that tries to show is, once again fresh new year, get some BA’s on board to kick off projects. The start of projects, new year, new budgets. A lot of companies BA coming in and start of the project and scope things out. So I think January big, big sort of rise there.

Dev’s equal top 18%. Dev’s have always throughout 2019 been really popular. Super difficult to come across really good quality dev. Dev’s in Newcastle market are devs have plenty of opportunities for all the companies depending on sort of their experience and in particular the tech stack that they’ve been working with.

And the third most popular help desk and tech support roles at about 14% of those roles of all roles were being advertised in that space. Help desk. Tech support’s always there. Most companies need it. I don’t say that ever sort of completely falling off a cliff. That’ll always continue to be probably at the bottom of the top three if not just falling out of that. So I think anyone in that sort of tech support market will continue to sort of have opportunities throughout 2020.

Thanks again for tuning into the first episode and Newy Tech Jobs for 2020. If you require any information, any other information, what’s going on in Newcastle tech scene in the jobs market and the hiring market recruiting, feel free to reach out to me. Hit me up on LinkedIn. Feel free to give me an email, More than happy to have a chat, help inform people on what’s going on, especially if there’s anything sort of outside, what we’re delivering and these. Thanks again. Hope you found this informative. Enjoy your month.