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Newy Tech Jobs: Sep - Oct 2022 Update

16 Aug 2022 | 1 min, 48 secs

Here is our market update for September & October 2022, showing you the latest stats and trends from the technology scene in Newcastle.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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    James MacDonald:
    Hey James MacDonald here from NewyTechPeople for another episode of the new tech Jobs update. We’re actually looking at the month of September and October in this episode. Hasn’t been overly exciting, to be honest. 143 jobs posted in September. That was down 8% month on month and down 4% year on year. So a little bit of a downturn.

    00:00:18:25 – 00:00:42:12
    Not overly excited. Not a great deal to report. October 157 jobs posted. That was up 10% on the really weak September month, down 6% year on year. So what we’re saying, there’s a lot of chatter internationally with big technology companies putting people off Twitter mad about an Amazon now full of announced significant layoffs. We haven’t really seen that fly through massively have any effect in the Newcastle market.

    00:00:42:25 – 00:01:04:00
    Obviously, those big international companies don’t hire a great deal of people here in Newcastle. What that flow on effect might look like across Australia will be interesting to sort of say I’m safe. There are big tech companies in Australia being putting people off. But across Newcastle we haven’t seen any of that flow on effect possibly might mean is there some tech talent available for companies based in Newcastle hiring fully remote.

    00:01:04:16 – 00:01:23:09
    That’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. We definitely haven’t seen a big influx of technology talent there. Just saying, Oh, I’ve been put out of a job, I’m now looking for work. We’re definitely not having technology professionals knock down the door saying, I’m out of work on a new job. It will be interesting to see with the greater and greater talk of recession how that plays out.

    00:01:23:20 – 00:01:51:11
    You know, the back half of the back end of 2022 and into 2023, but we’re now in November. We’re looking you know, if you aren’t advertising right now and trying to get people in the door with the next couple of weeks for an interview stage and wrap them up by probably looking at somebody that’s going to be potentially interviewing still into January or if we can close things out this Christmas, I think it’s a really good spot or it sets companies up well to then had people on boarded in January.

    00:01:51:11 – 00:02:12:12
    So if you are looking to hire technology refresh, go hard. Go hard right now. November, it’s the time once it gets into December, we’re talking Christmas parties. People on leave comes hotter and higher environment. So if you’re a technology company in Newcastle looking to get technology professionals on board to start in January, go hard, go hard. Now, if you’re a technology professional based in Newcastle that is looking for a new job.

    00:02:12:27 – 00:02:30:22
    Please reach out to us right now. There are definitely opportunities available at the moment, but if you don’t sort of move really quickly, it’s highly likely a 2023 project for you. That’s it for our jobs update. We’ll catch up with you in December. Hope everything’s going well. And the wind down this year.

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